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is nothing new to say that a website that is user friendly will drive more
traffic to it. Surfing Internet on mobile phones is gaining popularity for a
few years. As a business, you have to see whether your website is living up to
the current conditions or not. The businesses that don’t indulge themselves in
developing their websites as per the requirements of the user somehow lag

are the reasons why your business needs a responsive website—

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§  Social media encourages mobile use- Most businesses now days
make blogging and social media marketing a part of their marketing strategy.
Recent studies tell us that over 55% social media is viewed on mobile phones.
So, you can very well understand that if you don’t make your website
responsive, you might be frustrating your viewers.

§  Faster loading websites- Slow websites can be big
thumbs down for businesses. Faster loading websites mean that the business is
more responsive than others. This definitely gives way to more information
availability to customers. Your visitors wouldn’t wait for the page to load.
They would immediately turn t some other websites if they find out slow websites.

§  A better chance in Google’s search
Mobile friendly pages do get a better rank in the search engine results of
Google. It is important for you to make your website a mobile friendly one so
that when a user is searching for a particular product, they will go to your
competitor website that is responsive. You don’t want that to happen to your
business, right?

§  Responsive sites are ready for
advancement- Responsive design is essential for forward looking businesses. The designs
automatically fit the screen of our present mobile devices. But you have to
make sure that they can accommodate future mobile devices as well.

§  Convert the visitors into customers- Make sure that your
website converts the visitors into customers. 74% of the visitors to a
user-friendly website are likely to return in the near future. Out of them, 67%
of them were likely to buy products from that site. You have to make sure that
you can make the transition happen easily. Give your visitors the chance to
come back to your site.

§  Chances of bad reputation- Sites that are not user-friendly
may face the frustration of users. Many of the users who don’t find the websites
friendly say that the websites didn’t work well on their smart phones. This
particular thing can call for a bad reputation for your business.

§  Stay ahead in the competition- There is not much to
think about this thing. If you have a user-friendly website, you’ll be able to
attain the top position. You can stay ahead in the competition. Many businesses
still don’t think of going for a responsive website. The users can easily know
whether the site is user-friendly or not. Once the website is minimized wit the
width of your browser, if the site automatically adjusts, then it is a
user-friendly website. 

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