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        There is a paramount difference between Aristotle and Kant, each who have different ethical theories. Each of these philosophers have their own story and why they became who they are today. The theories of virtue and duties repose not only on laws and responsibility but from what comes from the inside. Morality comes from inner strength, disposition and how we live our existence to the foremost end. First, I will do a brief essence of both philosophers. Next I will explain their theories and question points of bother philosophers. Lastly, I will explain the logical thinking of why I favor Aristotle’s ethics over Kant’s. Who is Aristotle 384-322 b.c.e. According to Aristotle’s Biography it states “Created the scientific method, the process used of scientific investigation”. Since he created the importance of an organized system to carry out scientific investigations he is well known as a hero for what he did. Aristotle didn’t generate the theories and scientific method just for him he put the center of attention on people’s actions whether good or bad, as well as their character, not there right or wrong actions. He goes on to say that the highest good is the most complete, that it is good in itself and is not chosen to gain something. For example, why do college student want a high paying job right out of college? So they can earn a lot of money fast and get out of debt quick. Why would a fresh college student want all the money they can get after paying off their debt? So they can be happy with their life, or believe that it would give them happiness. Aristotle believes the means for achieving happiness are through the excellence of one’s being. The term Aristotle uses here is virtue. Virtue is defined as a disposition to behave in the right manner and as a mean between extremes of deficiency and excess, which are vices, we learn moral virtue primarily through habit and practice rather than through reasoning and instruction. Earlier, Aristotle came to the conclusion that happiness is something that is not changed easily. Therefore, one’s operation must be managed towards one’s satisfaction and it should be the only cognitive factor of the ‘golden mean’ or an act being categorized as a virtue. Since Aristotle comprehend the manner of being happy differ and therefore somewhat complacency can be concluded as the main goal. The other philosopher would be Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). He was a German philosopher, who was one of the leading thinkers of the knowledge. Kant believed that there was a supreme principle of morality, and he referred to it as the Categorical Imperative. It is hard to believe that Kant could deny that the most satisfying character for one to have would be one in which psychological conflict, between deliberation and passions, was not experienced.

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