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is no doubt that the climate has been drastically changing over the past
century due to a heavy increase in human activity with harmful effects on the
environment. Observations made by most of the population are often missing or
lesser known, as they may not know the imminent problems the climate is
currently facing. To help educate the population, Al Gore discussed the
environmental crisis at a TED Talk.

            Most may not know what the
environmental crisis is being caused by or even what it is for that matter. An
article about the environmental crisis written by Everything Connects described
the crisis as “really a crisis of consciousness” (The Environmental Crisis). Al
Gore is an environmental activist who has been studying global warming and the
effects of the human population on the environment since his early twenties
(Aldred). Gore believes that the crisis, such as higher temperatures, is
affecting a large percentage of the environment daily such as our plants,
animals, people, and ecosystems (Gore). This is causing a magnitude of problems
for the environment. “Global warming has already had observable effects on the
environment” (The Environmental Crisis). These problems include heavy amounts
of rain in areas that normally don’t receive as much, melting of glacial shelves
and ice at the poles due to the rapid increase in temperatures, as well as a
mass extinction of animals over the past few decades. Gore stated, “Last July
in Houston, Texas, it rained for two days, 162 billion gallons. That represents
more than two days of the full flow of Niagara Falls in the middle of the city”
(Gore). Temperatures at the North Pole was 50 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal
causing significant amounts of ice to melt, which results in the raising of the
sea level (Gore). This drastic change in climate is also causing the extinction
of numerous species of plants and animals. “We’re in danger of losing 50
percent of all the living species on earth by the end of this century. And
already, land-based plants and animals are now moving towards the poles at an
average rate of 15 feet per day” says Gore (Gore). These effects are not the
only results of the crisis. Numerous effects such as air and water pollution,
extreme weather events, ocean acidity, and more exist also (Pappas).  

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            Many countries and environmental
activists believe something could and should be done to help prevent the crisis
from worsening over time. The Paris Agreement is one step towards achieving that
goal. “The Paris Agreement builds upon the Convention and – for the first time
– brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to
combat climate change and adapt to its effects” (United Nations). The Paris
Agreement, ratified by 173 Parties, includes Afghanistan, Canada, Hungary,
Ireland, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, as
well as the United States and many more countries (United Nations). Multiple Republicans
in the House also believe there is an environmental crisis (Gore). However, there
are some that believe there is no crisis such as President Trump (Washington
Post). Though, these disagreements are for good reason. Some people may not
know their own stance on the issue due to not knowing who to believe or who to
follow. Another reason may be that because politics have become so involved,
climate issues are often reflected in the participating parties. If active
changes are made to promote a healthier environment and participation from
governments around the world is included, positive change may become imminent.
Prominent breakthroughs have occurred over the past decade, such as the Paris
Accord. Other dramatic changes included more efficient and cheaper energy
production including wind and solar as well as better energy storage (Gore).
Gore remains optimistic because he believes that there is still time to change
before the crisis becomes inevitable.

If most of the human population stride towards change,
an environmental catastrophe could be prevented, but if it doesn’t happen
quickly enough, it may be too late. If someone remains problematic about their
stance on the issues at hand, they should observe for themselves and determine
for themselves what they believe should be done. If they believe change must be
made, they should actively participate in their community in performing such

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