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There are many
potential effects of children’s exposure to domestic violence and its
relationship to traumatization. The short-term effects of domestic violence on
children cause’s immediate reactions that may include sleeplessness,
nightmares, increased aggression, difficulty concentrating, and generalized
anxiety. It was mentioned before, but not all children are exposed to violence
and are affected equally or in the same ways. Some may not be affected at all,
but these responses that we notice in children should be addressed as soon as
the symptoms present itself. The long-term effects it has on children, especially
if the child is experiencing chronic exposure to the violence and it may
include physical health problems, behavior problems in adolescence (alcohol,
substance abuse, juvenile delinquency), and emotional difficulties in adulthood
(depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD) (Cohodes, Chen, Lieberman, 2017, p.

         A number of factors, such as the age of the
children when they exposed and the psychological well-being of their mothers,
may have mediating and moderating effects on the outcomes for children. So many
children are exposed and affected by domestic violence that interventions for
the effects of DV should be framed within the ecological framework. Past
studies showed the current issues concerning children’s exposure to DV and
discussed interventions that may be applied to counteract the adverse effects
suffered by children. Although domestic violence can be defined in different
ways, children living within violent family relationships may re-enact the
behaviors they have been exposed to when they establish their own relationships
(Lieberman, Ybarra, Wilkens, 2007). This can affect their school life and cause
problems that may include: difficulty getting along with others, poor academic
performance, fewer interests in school activities, misconduct that leads to
suspension, inappropriate sexual behavior, mental health problems, and extreme
loneliness (Byrne & Taylor, 2007).

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