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There are few
people in civilized countries who now do not have at least one account in any
social network. Such coverage of the audience suggests that the impact of the
Internet as a whole and individual resources in particular on a person is very
large. In this you can see both the positive and negative sides.

Positive sides
of social
networks is that it can give us unlimited opportunities for self-development: here we can watch
any movie that interests us, listen to music, read scientific articles, books,
aphorisms of famous thinkers of all time, download audiobooks in a car. We can
use social networks to learn foreign languages, do useful things. On the
Internet, you can find a huge number of educational videos. In addition, social
networks provide us with irreplaceable assistance in teaching. First, they
serve as a global communication channel – we can exchange summaries, abstracts
and presentations with classmates.Secondly, you can join a community dedicated
to a particular subject and thoroughly study the history of any countries in
the goal of cognizing the world.

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Negative sides
of this is that  we spend too much time on
meaningless pastime in social networks. The citizens of Kazakhstan today are on
this indicator in second place in the world. Our children set their homepage on
the Internet at an average age of 10 years. 30% of them are sure that parents would
be unhappy if they knew what they are doing there. To put it mildly, the
statistics are disappointing. There is some statistics about social media’s effects
on people.

– Today social networks are
becoming a means of marketing, they are more suited to the needs of advertisers
and PR people than directly to users. A few social networks are used for their intended purpose. They often turn
into a huge dump of verbal garbage;

– social networks can not
replace or be media, because in them there is no certainty, an objective
reflection of reality.   Negative
sides of social media increases year by year. It  can be connected with  globalization which takes place in our country.
It can not stop or change by itself.

 Social networks are filled with thousands of gigabytes
of primitive messages, spam, information debris. All this technical power could
bring much more benefits to society, be the current young users in education
and social responsibility. Therefore, the present task, in our opinion, is to
actively develop these qualities among the population, revive its enthusiasm
and desire to participate in the collective management of social processes
through information activities, and in the self-management of one’s own life.

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