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There are many modern methods of teaching a language.
Some of them extremely useful, some of them are not so effective. However, the
notion like scaffolding is considered to be one of the leader methods.

The best advantage of scaffolding method is that this
method can be used not only in teaching language but also in teaching the
various subjects. The usage and effectiveness of scaffolding is not limited. It
allows teachers to build a bridge from the learners’` current knowledge teacher
by modeling a given task and slowly transferring the knowledge to the learner
so he can firmly grasp the subject matter.

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Through scaffolding, the learner is engaged in an
active process of learning. The teacher builds on the knowledge the learner has
of a particular topic. With the help of scaffolding it is easy to minimize the
level of frustration of the learners.

As there are many advantages of scaffolding techniques
the disadvantages can be hidden but there is also disadvantages of scaffolding
that must be mentioned. Firstly, scaffolding can be disadvantageous for
teacher, because it necessitates giving up control to allow learners to learn
at their own pace. Secondly, it is also time-consuming; you might not have
adequate lesson. On certain occasions, you may be forced to cut short the time
allocated for each student in order to accommodate all learners, and the
students` urge to learn can slowly fade. Thirdly, scaffolding is needed for
success. This means that teacher will need to put in a lot of time, as well as
much support and monitoring.

Despite the disadvantages which were mentioned above,
the role of using the scaffolding strategy is not decreasing. Vice versa, the
interest in using this strategy is getting developed among well-educated and
well- experienced teachers who are eager to use new and modern methods in order
to teach effectively and reach success and long-term goals. 

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