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There are many ways that
individuals define Leadership. Antonakis and House explain that “leadership is
important for motivating followers and mobilizing resources towards the fulfillment
of the organization’s mission; it is also essential for organizational
innovation, adaptation, and performance” (Antonakis and House, p.746). To me, I
think this is a great way to visualize what a leader really looks like and what
a successful one should be. Leadership can be understood by trait leadership,
process leadership, assigned leadership or emergent leadership and position or
personal power. All of these approaches may make the understanding of
Leadership complex, but it is a highly valued phenomenon.

            The first
individual that I have been influenced by was Steve Jobs who was the CEO of
Apple, Inc. before he got ill and passed away. This man was a legend. He always
had a clear vision of what he wanted, a passion for the company and the most
important aspect of what made him a good leader, the relationship with his employees.

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He would push them to do the unthinkable but only because he believed in them
and knew they could do it when they themselves did not know. Jobs is one who
represents personal power and position power. He is likeable, knowledgeable, motivational
and all about building strong relationships. But with his position, there comes
the responsibility of authority, rewarding and penalizing.

            The second
individual that I have been influenced by is the CEO of my company. Although I have
been at my organization for only 9 months, watching her build an empire in the
ethics & compliance world has been such a great honor. I would definitely say
that just like Steve Jobs, she possesses personal power as well as position
power.  She has been the CEO for many years
and continues to show her strength and motivation in making sure this company
is in the top of its field.

is not all about leading. It is also about have relationships with your
employees, motivating and influencing those under you, being innovative and
adapting to the ever-changing market. Northouse mentions that “leaders have an
ethical responsibility to attend to the needs and concerns of followers” (p.6).

This is 100% true. Followers look up to their leaders and in order for leaders
to be successful, they need to listen to those around them and be proactive. Although
leadership can be a complicated process, there are many approaches that can
improve leadership and help those leaders become successful. 

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