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There are many reasons why I as an individual have decided to apply on CrownMe Network. These reasons include:I want to help grow the community in many ways and I want the community to be the image of this server. Therefore, the community of players must set a good example for new members and teach them the rules and help them with anything that is needed. In doing this I believe we can grow our player base because it allows players to feel comfortable and never really feel excluded. I want to also help players feel like family when they first join because it will ensure that that player comes back. As a staff member, I would also enforce this by keeping chat non-racist and non-sexual, making sure players are never toxic towards one another and also take precaution steps so that nobody ever has suicidal thoughts and nobody ever receives death threats.I want to help the server develop in many ways as well so that in the future it will reach perfection. I have always said perfection is impossible, but I believe with my help and suggestions the server can develop to near-perfection. I have enough experience to teach others and I am always flexible to learning something new. I have worked  and played on many servers and I believe I can help suggest ideas and plugins. I also believe that I can help the developer with ideas to create custom plugins for the server as it will make the server look more professional. I have worked with developers on creating new plugin ideas like /teamspeak, /discord, /website, /ytstart, /staff,  and /stream link. I want to help maintain a player base so that the server can last for as long as possible. By creating a great community, Youtubers will feel more than welcome to join the CrownMe Network family. To maintain a player base, you must not only give what the players want, but you must also keep a positive attitude. Positive attitude meaning, making sure everybody agrees and making it so that when a new idea or suggestion is implemented, it also keeps the players happy and makes it enjoyable for others. By taking into consideration that what the players want can grow your player base it will also help maintain it. I am responsible and mature, so therefore I have decided to apply so that I can take full responsibility and help the staff team be the image of the server. I believe with a professional and successful staff team, comes a professional and successful server. Although, I am not the best one out there I am still willing to help newcomers and give ideas and suggestions to my fellow staff members. If this means helping them with a real-life problem or even helping them in-game, I am more then happy to help the staff member out. If a player asks me a question I will make sure that player gets a credible response. If I simply do not know the answer I would simply ask another staff member, tell the player I will look into it, or simply tell the player “I do not know, I am sorry for the inconvenience, but if you really need an answer you can go check with another staff member.”I am trustworthy and respectful, so therefore I have taken into consideration to apply for this server. I believe I can be a credible player to everyone because not once have I thought about scamming a player. I am 100% trustworthy and would never lie to hurt a person’s feelings. I am a trustworthy individual and I want to create the server image with my trust. Now, I am also respectful of players and staff members. I will respect anything they have to say about me whether it be negative or positive. I simply believe that a player’s comment about me should be respected. I also believe that other people’s opinions about me can help me be a better person overall, so therefore I respect a player’s voice, ethnicity, race, color, sex, and I respect every player’s ideas.The last reason I have decided to apply is because I feel I have enough experience to help each and every player on the staff team. I have seen some of the staff member do things that should not happen in the first place and I want to be there to help guide them in the right thing. Obviously, as a member I can not do so as that is considered staff disrespect and by criticizing them as a member I am only ruining my reputation and wasting their time.

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