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There are a lot of definition for culture such as,
“The complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, law, custom
and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.” (Edward
B. Taylor, 1871). Culture can be differentiate country to country, a decade
back the people hard to find the culture of countries but now it is totally
changed because the technology and globalization blasting the international barriers. For instance,
in Saudi Arabia, liquors are prohibited it is their culture and if any one try
to introduce or advertise liquor product in Saudi Arabia it becomes a biggest
failure. Starting business in different counties through that they identify the
culture background of each country but now international festival also
influenced by culture.


an event manager I named the event as “International Food Fiesta”. For this
event I expecting more than 100 participant from 8 different countries and I
have 20 staff members (both genders) from different countries who knows both
languages (Their mother tongue and English). For example, a staff coming from
France their mother tongue is French, at the same time that staff would know
about English as well. Two of them from France, two from India, two from Japan,
two from United States of America, two from Australia, two from Canada, two
from Germany, two from Thailand and four local staffs. The reason to choose
like this is they are from different culture background so that they will
provide some ideas which I can use it for the event.BMICH is the place where we can accommodate more
people, can park a lots of vehicles, well known place for public transporters
(three wheel drivers, cab drivers, etc.) and decent environment. Each day night
there will be a music festival as well, people can enjoy the foods with music.
Our main target is profit and target audience, need to bring many people to
come and taste the foods for that I would like to do some promotions like TV
advertisements, social media promotions and using X banners in front of schools
and colleges. Managing the people is the main thing in this event, for that we can
recruit some volunteers from outside who must speak in English because the
volunteers are going to work under the staff members so that English is must. 

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will be an entrance ticket for audience which is priced at RS. 600 per head and
also each participant or participant group must pay 30% from what they have
been earn on each day. After the party, the volunteers must with 20 staff
members and help them. Each day after the party the volunteers will get their
payments. I would like to hire 120 volunteers to the event and each staff members
will get 3 volunteers and balance will for music group arrangements and
handling the customers

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