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There are more than 3.2 million adults who are currently living in the United States of America. About 40% of these adults in the country will have to go to the nursing homes at some point in life. With the growth of the number or aging population, there is an expected increase in the number of nursing home individuals. Some of these elders are cared in the nursing homes but some may face abuse as well. The elderly abuse on the patients in the nursing facility has been very hard to detect. In the country, there are more than five cases of adult abuse that will go without being reported. This raises serious alarm to review the rules set in place. There’s need to instill more measures so as to have this abuses stopped. The  abuses in the nursing homes have been a serious challenge as the elderly who face the abuse have over 300 percent possibility of dying within 36 months as compared to those adults who have not being abused. There have been strict rules that have been imposed so as to reduce the effect of the elderly abuses on the adults in the society. These measures have not worked effectively as the numbers of adults who still face the abuses are still significantly high. The ensuring homes that are involved in the abuses should face the full force of the law. Many resident in the country have continued to receive effective care but as well the number of elderly abuses have become so prevalent more than the level that people in the community would ever imagine. The caregivers are the ones who have caused the high rate of adult abuse in the countries.            The report from the congress after conducting a research for two years have indicated that in every there adults in the nursing home at least one of them will be violated and face the abuse. The same analysis has also indicated that 10% of the nursing homes will face the problem of adult abuse. This buses will cause the adults to get injuries and are  placed at risk of death. Another survey that had been conducted in the nursing home has shown that 44% of the adults reported to have faced adult abuse. Most of the adults (95%) who were surveyed have indicated that they have been greatly neglected in the community. There is another study  that have been done  by the US General Accountability Office. The survey showed that the regulators will face a challenge of getting the signs of adult abuse. Most of the surveys conducted in US has missed basic facts on the abuses on the adults.15 % of  the survey has failed to actually notice the real harm  that the adults faced due to the abuse by the caregivers. The ports that have been released have actually been so disheartening. The reports have caused more than 50 states to implementing anti-elderly policies that sought to offer protection to the elders in the society. This did not actually work out as the same assaults and abuse are still in the society. There is need to offer more striker laws so as to limit the instances of adult abuse. The laws that will be set will see the adults become safer and reduce the level of injuries that they have been facing due  to the high increase in the elderly abuse.Research QuestionsThere are some of the research questions that has to be answered in the thesis. These research questions are as follows;What are the main challenges that the elderly face in the in the nursing homes ?Have the government attempted to solve the challenges on the elderly?What are the regulations that have been placed by the government to control this?The Popular PressThe Parkview Healthcare together with the regulators from California issued an ultimatum to the nursing homes that were concerned with the perpetuation of the elderly abuse. The public department of  the state  placed Parkview Healthcare, Calif and the Bakersfield, as critical view as the three centers try to fix the lapses that were  present in the health care  with increment I the level of inspection that were supported by the Medicaid and the Medicare. Parkview Healthcare improved the health service that it offered and within 15 months, the health center was removed from the oversight. Just after some few months, elderly person who was 74 years old, Elaine Fisher, went Parkview Health Care after suffering stroke problem which led to loss of his leg. The old man went to Parkview Healthcare so as to have a nonskid pad placed in his chair (Lachs, et. al 2016). The healthcare agreed and promised to fix the issue immediately. This did not happen as planned. The healthcare did not fix the non skid pad that made the 74-year elderly man to slip more than three times causing him to fracture on hips.  The inspectors of the healthcare finally realized the negligence that had taken placed causing lot of abuses on the elderly. The violation that the healthcare made attracted a penalty of $10,000. These was the 10th fine Parkview healthcare had faced therefore summing the total fines to be $126,300. The many fines that the healthcare faced showed the widespread form of negligence and the high adult abuse that was in the healthcare.The government then decides to place strict measures that could be use minimize the elderly abuse in the health cares and in the nursing homes. The special focus was one of the most strict policy of oversight that the federal government of the USA placed. Despite the policies that were placed, the health cares will still continue to offer harmful healthcare. This was from an analysis that was conducted by the federal health. Results indicated that 52% of the 528 homes that had qualified the special focus test continues to offer dangerous healthcare to the patients in the country therefore causing the harm of death jeopardyIn the United States of America, the nursing homes are in 46 states.  There are some of the nursing homes that offered the wrong medicine to the elderly people, while other allowed the elderly patents to be bullied by the residents. The home totally failed in offered protection for the bullying that could be done by the members of staffs or even the residents. The staffs also failed to inform the families about the injuries that the elderly people have gone through. The nurses that were registered after some years reduce and therefore there was no sufficient nursing in the hospitals in the 46 states. The  nursing homes continues in their operations despite the services that were harmful that they offered. The nursing homes also received the Medicaid and the Medicare despite of the poor performances. This led to many consequences to the patience such as Ms. Fisher.Generally, Calif and Parkview Healthcare set bad histories of violation of the healthcare that involved Ms Fisher. The son in law to Fisher, Eric Powers, has explained the nasty situation that Fisher went through with a lot of pain. Most of the challenges that people went through during that time were attributed to Parkview Health care. The owner of the home, Life House Health Services, had never responded to the claim instead it sold the nursing home to Dr. David Silver, who replaced all the top management in the healthcare. Dr. David Silver was concerned with the quality of healthcare that were to be offered.    The special focus facility was designed in the country to offer assistance to the health centers that were not giving quality services. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (C.M.S )were concerned with the number of health centers that had to be under supervision. Since 2005, there were about 900 health faculties that had to  be identified to offer poor services and were under supervision. The number reduced with reduction in the federal budget and in 2017 there were only 88 nursing homes operating under a budget of$2.6 million and offered warning to 435 centers. From the 88 homes, there are more than 70% who have actually graduated. The program had assisted the development of quality services just as the C.M.S. said.Very few nurses were offered the opportunity to sort out the troubled health care facilities. The Golden Living Center-West was released by Pennsylvania health regulators in 2009 after 17 months of guidance. The regulators will assist the homes that are placed under supervision to get sufficient resources that would lead to improvement of the home. Initially, Golden Living Center was poor in the provision of the medical health care and had faced a fine of $59,150 in the years 2015. The regulators in the health centers are trying to ensure that the bad reputations of the health centers are completely removed. The nursing homes should offer assistance to the elderly people.New Protection from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)    The nursing homes were forced to offer care to the elderly. The quality of the nursing homes was to be increased so as to ensure that there was effective healthcare in the nursing homes. The experts had to identify the 15600 healthcare facilities that were in the country and then ensure that there was quality in the health care provision. The experts offered different assessment such that Dr. Cheryl Phillips, offered a non-profit making homes a below average C-Minus. This indicated that the quality of health care was not at its peak in the homes. The results generally showed the necessity that was still present to develop the healthcare quality. This called for the revision of the regulations that controlled the nursing homes.The CMS introduced new regulations that were placed over the nursing homes in the country. The new regulations affected m about 1.4 million healthcare centers. The main aim of the regulations was to ensure that the quality of services in the health centers was well upgraded for the benefits of the elderly people in the USA (Ellis et. al, 2014). Most people in the country were going to appreciate the quality of services that could be offered with the development of the new regulations. The regulation from the CMS had a great disappointment other nurses as the regulations did not set minimal standards of staffing.    The new regulations from the CMS offered a great way to the residents on some of the important decisions that could be made in healthcare. The regulations allowed residents to receive any of the visitors to interact and talk with the elderly. In addition, the regulations that were offered called for training of staffs with an aim of reducing the extensive elderly abuse that had occurred in the community (Ellis et. al, 2014). The health centers were supposing to have an infection-control manager who was to loosely scrutinize the antibiotics. The regulation was also aimed at offering protection to the people who have dementia; majorly the elderly. It is common that the nursing homes will not easily admin the elderly who have the dementia. From this, the regulations paced key roles in offering protection against being removed from the health care centers. The protection is also placed on the hospitalized person who would require o revisit the nursing home once again. Every person in the United States of America had the right to be offered quality medical services firm the health care nursing homes. On conclusion, the regulations that were placed were meant to improve the quality of health care offered in the nursing homes to the elderly people. The government had concerns on the way the elderly people were treated by the caregivers in the nursing home.

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