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Theoretical Framework2.1 G-12 Decision makingsMaking career choice is a lifelong process that you have to explore and understand the world of work. Career decision-making begins with an awareness of the world around you and the ability to understand what is personally important. (Georgia, 2013) You want to choose an occupation that fits your unique qualities — your abilities, talents, needs, values, and interests — and the lifestyle you want to live. (Career Key Discover, 1987) Otherwise, ask for help and advice from other people (Careersnz, 2018) and parents serve as a major influence on their children’s career development and career decision- making. (Keller, 2004) 2.2 Career choice factorsThere are a lot of affecting factors in choosing preferred careers. According to Olamide & Olawaiye (2013), it follows that how the student perceives their environment, personality and opportunity will also determine the career choices students make. The first factor in career choice, the environment, may influence the career students to choose. The youth are largely influenced by this environmental issues, so if not guided may be propelled to make wrong choices. (Tope, 2010) Moreover, a family is a place in which children learn to interpret realities (Wary & Passman, 1996) may influence student views on whether or not to continue their education. How students have seen themselves in a role in which personality is a determining factor may influence a chosen career. Splaver (1977) said “personality” plays an important role in the choosing of the right career. If you trying to decide what career to pursue, then you should find out what your personality type is.(Mckay, 2017) Opportunity is the third factor that has shaped career choices for students. Opportunity may influence how students have perceived their future in terms of the reasonable probability of a future in particular career fields. (Thout, 1969)

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