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. The theme of loyalty is shown throughout the book numerous times when talking about the dogs. . Gary Paulsen uses characterization of his sled dogs and imagery to develop the theme of loyalty during the first part of woodsong. The theme of loyalty is shown in Chapter 2 when Gary Paulsen tries to pull Storm from the gangline, when blood was rushing from Storm. Paulsen tried to let Storm rest but Storm was so eager to pull and serve Paulsen, that he wouldn’t stop running. Gary Paulsen writes, “Each time he lunged blood squirted…when (Storm) looked in the darkness and saw that other dogs were pulling while he was riding on the sled he went mad. He flopped and ripped and tore at the sled, at the rope holding him by the collar…At Last I knew that I could do nothing but what he wanted to do. Let him Pull” (Paulsen 17-19).. In addition, the theme of Loyalty is developed in Chapter 3 when Paulsen crashes and cannot walk but the dogs loyally come back and help him get home. Gary Paulsen writes, “I immediately lost all control and went flying out into space with the sled. As I did, I kicked sideways and caught my knee on a sharp snag, felt the wood enter under the kneecap and tear it loose… I heard some whining and growling, then a scabbling sound, and was amazed to see that (the lead dog) had taken the team back up the gully and dragged them past the waterfall to get on the gully wall just over me…later when all the pain was gone and I had all the time I needed to think of it. . . later I thought of the dogs. How they had come back to help me, perhaps to save me” (Paulsen 28-29). In the second half of the book, loyalty is developed in Chapter 71 when Paulsen is describing how hard Storm pulled for him at the peak of his career. Gary Paulsen stated, “At peak, he was a mighty dog. He pulled like a machine” (Paulsen 71).. Also, Paulsen describes through imagery how Storm had a sense of humor and would joke with Paulsen because he loved and was loyal to Paulsen. Gary PAulsen writes, “I put the hat down on the snow near Storm…I turned and the hat was gone…I dragged the hook through the snow. And pulled up my hat… (Storm) had taken the hat, quickly dug a hole, buried the hat and smoothed snow over it, then gone back to sitting, staring ahead, looking completely innocent. When I stopped the sled and picked up the hat he looked back, saw me put the hat on my head, and-I swear-smiled” (Palsen 72-73). This evidence shows loyalty by showing a dog loving and joking with Paulsen and  during one of their stops, showed loyalty and compassion to Paulsen. PAulsen showed the theme of loyalty through his sled dogs and imagery. Paulsen tried to make us fael loyalty by showing his personal experiences.

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