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The Chronicles of Narnia, written by C.S.Lewis, was greatly affected by the events that occurred throughout the authors lifetime. Through thick and thin Lewis’s mind and his imagination continue to spur all throughout his lifetime. Finally, together they created the wonderful world that is Narnia. The books themselves hold themes that allude to the world events that had an effect on the author during the creation of the books. Along with this many key parts of the storyline, characters and other ideas were inspired by real events that happened to Lewis in the real world as well as the spiritual changes that occured within him. In reality Narnia beagan long before his first book was ever published. It began within his childhood with fantasy and fictional stories and ideas. One of these included the “George MacDonald’s Great Imaginative Tale Phantasies”. Another was of the stories told to him by his Irish Nurse. Together they soon became the pieces of the puzzle that would eventually created Narnia. However, there were dark times within Lewis’s life that created pain and suffering for years. During his childhood Lewis’s mother passed away bringing around lots of turmoil within him. Not long afterward he was sent to boarding school which further created a negative feeling of aloneness. For a large amount of time Lewis thought himself an atheist. Fortunately it did not last and Lewis soon found christ and began living for God. Apart from his internal struggles in life, Narnia actually began as an imaginary world Lewis and his brother created as children. It was a fantasy land filled with talking animals and mystical beings. During that time it was called Boxen. This imaginary world stayed with Lewis until it matured into Narnia. This began occurring when Lewis was in oxford. Lewis joined a group called the Inklings which encouraged the literary skills Lewis had. This group included the famous J.R.R Tolkien, the future creator of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. The fantasy worlds in which Tolkien and Lewis created very compatible with one another and was continually disputed about. However, from this a friendship was created as they exchanged ideas and eventually lead their creations on their own paths. In short the childhood and upbringing of  Lewis provided the foundation needed to create the world of Narnia. Major events also occured all throughout Lewis’s life and gave him more experience within the world and in turn spurred ideas within his imagination. Lewis had lived through WWI and understood along with the rest of the world the massive scale war can take. However, it was not until he was older that the second world war begin and created the circumstances that would eventually become the beginning of his first book “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”. During the time Lewis lived in a large house out in the British countryside. Due to the war he was given four children to take care of from the dangers of the war their names were Ann, Martin, Rose and Peter. Those exact circumstances can be seen in his book and the characters of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy was born. Another way that is not directly seen in the books is how Lewis placed himself within the story of Narnia that was in a way parallel with his own childhood. He placed himself as the owner of the large house out on the countryside, which actually did happen. However, later when he made “The Magician’s Nephew” the prequel book, one of the main characters was a child who eventually grew up to be the man living in the countryside that took Peter and the others in. In the prequel the character had seen the creation of Narnia and the origin of the fantastical land. This references when as a child he created Boxen. Other examples of how the books were affected by the world the author experienced can be found throughout the series. However, the books were not solely based off of constant real world events. Finally perhaps one of the largest Involvement from the outside world on the book was The christian theme that ran along the entire series nearly every step of the way. Aslan the Lion in the series is the God of the world and represented Jesus. This is most clearly seen when the witch, representing Satan or evil, kills Aslan when he sacrificed himself to save the others. Then similar to Jesus he comes back to life again in just a short time. In The Magician’s Nephew we see the Garden of Eden referenced as well as the Fruit of Good and Evil. There are many more mentions of biblical references throughout the other five books not mentioned however, all this stemmed from Lewis and his need to put God within his book. After seven successful books and many years of writing Lewis finished the world of Narnia with his christian values clearly seen. The characters all ended in heaven and created an incredible finally to the series. The series continued to be affected by the current events in the world when several of the books became films and were very successful. Although new interpretation of the books had to be done to create the film the original story that Lewis created was still kept intact.

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