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       The leaves were starting to turn on this beautiful autumn day in Lima, Ohio. Everyone in the neighborhood had there Halloween decorations out; the jack o lanterns, witches hanging from their brooms, ghosts, and more. It wasn’t any ordinary day for Izzy, it was her sixteenth birthday!             “Knock! Knock! Knock! Anyone in there? Questioned Izzy’s mom, Mary.             “MOM!” Izzy groaned in her bed with the sheets over her head “It’s too early for school. They should make it so us teenagers get more sleep.”            “If you don’t want to get up the I guess I will open this gift myself,” Mary replied back. Izzy threw the blankets off her head.            “Wait! You got me a present?!” She questioned with excitement.           “You didn’t think I would forget my favorite daughters birthday did you?” Mary replied.           “Mom, I’m your only daughter and of course not,” Izzy laughed. “I just expected to ge it tonight after school.”           “Well I will meet you downstairs when you finish getting ready.” Mary told Izzy.Izzy got out of bed and quickly bent over and let all of her long, hershey brown hair fall towards the ground and then gathered it all up at once to put it in a ponytail. Izzy took after her mom who had long, thin, brown hair, dark brown eyes, and had dimples in her cheeks when she smiled bright. After doing her hair she put her dance clothes on and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face, and put her mascara on. When she finished her morning routine and got ready for school, she hopped down the stairs and into the living room where her mother sat patiently and waiting for her on the sofa. Izzy sat on the couch and looked at the medium sized box with a shiny red bow on top sitting on her mother’s lap.          “Here,” Mary said calmly and gave the gift to Izzy.Izzy took the box, ripped it open and screamed with joy.Her eyes drew wide and her face showed the biggest smile.          “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Izzy squealed. “I love them!” Izzy leaped onto her mother and wrapped her arms around her. In the box layed a pair of red ballet shoes.          “Oh, you’re welcome darling.” Mary laughed. “Well let’s go to dance class.”Izzy grabbed her shoes and put them in her duffel bag and went to class. Izzy attended The Academy of Dance, one of the top-ranked dance schools in the country.          “Good morning class, today we are discussing classical music and the history behind it, some plies, and then I will give you your assignment,” Mrs. Davenport said. “Now, about that assignment. I want you to pick a classical piece from our library and make a routine out of it on your own. In three days max you will perform your piece in front of the class, there are no repeats allowed, and I will evaluate you. The school bell rang and class came to an end.           Izzy walked out from class and went straight to the library to be one of the first ones to pick out piece before all the good ones disappeared. Once she found a CD she liked she checked it out and went back to an open studio to start her routine. Izzy slipped on her new shoes and started to dance. While she spun and turned Izzy started to do dance like never before. These dance techniques could only taught to girls higher up than her. Izzy kept dancing like this and couldn’t stop. She couldn’t understand how she could dance so well, every time she tried to do her own moves she couldn’t. So after trying for a while she took off her shoes and tried again, but this time everything went perfectly fine. Izzy kept thinking for the longest time trying to figure out what was wrong, then she thought. It couldn’t be. The shoes had to have have something to do with her dancing. Certainly enough,the shoes had special powers that made anyone who wore them could dance like a professional dancer. After she finished practicing she went home, ate dinner, and then went into her room to listen to music. While listening to her music Izzy thought of an idea. “What if I wear the shoes during my performance so I can get an “A” on my assignment.” Izzy thought.    The next day Izzy went to school and practiced her routine over and over again until it looked perfect. After class she went into an open studio, closed the door, put her red ballet shoes on, and started to dance. Izzy loved the way she felt when she danced with her magic slippers on. They made her feel unstoppable. Exhausted as ever, Izzy went to bed after she got home from school. The next day Izzy was so excited to perform her routine. When she got to school she rushed into a studio where she met with the rest of her classmates. She quickly put her shoes on and jumped in to join them.”Good morning class! I hope you are all prepared to show me your routines!” Mrs davenport said with an excited tone. “Who would like to volunteer themselves to go first?” Izzy shot her hand straight in the air like a rocket. “I do!” Izzy exclaimed. “Alright, Izzy you can go first.” Izzy walked to the front of the room, put her CD in the CD player, and held her first position. When the music started playing Izzy let the shoes do their magic. She started dancing across the room like a swan doing beautiful spins and turns. When the song finished she plied and looked at everyone for their reactions. The room fell silent with blank stare around the room. After a few seconds the room filled with noise and people cheering.     “Incredible job Izzy!” someone in the crowd shouted.             “Excellent job Izzy!” Mrs. Davenport. 0nce the class went through everyone’s routines they all hung out until the bell rang. During that period lots of  Izzy’s classmates came up to her and complimented her on how outstanding her performance went. The bell concluded the end of the school day so Izzy headed straight home. During the middle of the night Izzy started having nightmares. Twisting and turning in her sheets Izzy dreamt about cheating on her assignment. Sitting straight up in bed Izzy looked at her alarm clock that read three twenty- five a.m.. Izzy moaned and slammed her head back onto her pillow, looking up at the ceiling with sweat running down the sides of her face. Izzy thought about how she had to make things right. She decided the first thing she needed to do when she got to school was tell her teacher about the incident. At seven in the morning Izzy got ready for school and was on her way to the studio where Mrs. Davenport was filling out papers. “Mrs. Davenport, can I talk to you? I need to tell you something.” Izzy said with her fail all gloomy. “Sure thing Izzy, what do you need to talk to me about?” Mrs. Davenport replied with a concerning look on her face.”I cheated on my assignment yesterday by using these magical shoes my mom gave me for my birthday.”Izzy! I’m so disappointed in you,” Mrs. Davenport said with disappointment in her eyes. “Do you know what this means I have to do Izzy?”    “I get kicked out of the class?” Izzy questioned.     “I’m not going to take it that far but I should. I will have to downgrade you on the assignment.””Okay,” moaned Izzy with her head down.From this point forward Izzy learned that cheating is not the answer and you can get good grades with doing your own homework.  

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