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Thedebate over abortion rights faces criticism from both pro-life and pro-choice partisans.

The topic can be viewed from different perspectives which include religious andmoral. Also, the arguments for and against abortions are based on emotionsrather than research.  I will discuss themoral relativism, religious perspective, and philosophical considerationsaccording to pro-life partisans.MoralPerspective             Abortion is wrong as killing iswrong despite an individual’s cultural background. The act punishes the unborninstead of punishing the perpetrator. Therefore, lack of truth on the ethicalissues related to abortion does not give people a right to commit the act (Lopez, 2012, p. 513).

A person should havecontrol of their body to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This can be achievedthrough contraceptives and other natural family planning methods.  However, the issue of morality in abortion mayarise in case of rape and incest. The law should provide offer an alternativeto the victims of rape and incest to decide on whether they prefer giving birthor terminate the pregnancy.

The act can only be justified for medical reasonsto save the life of the mother. Therefore, it is unethical to terminate thelife of an unborn child for personal interests. Also, it is unethical to denythe unborn their human rights (Patil et al, 2014, p.545).ReligiousPerspective     The pro-life religions argue that life is sacred and the act of abortionterminates life. Therefore, the practice of abortion does not respect sacredlives.

People should respect the gift of life since life begins at conception. Inaddition, different religions around the world including Judaism, Hinduism,Christianity, and Islam among others forbid the practice of abortion in thesociety.  Abortion takes human life whichmakes the act similar to murder.  PhilosophicalConsiderations          From the philosophical perspective,the arguments against abortion arise from the following three questions. First,do the unborn have moral value? Secondly, what makes the act of abortionethical? Finally, how should the society regulate or ban abortion?    Toanswer the first question, Lopez, (2012, p. 513)cites “The unborn is a human who is entitled to rights and if they are entitledto rights, they have moral rights” The unborn child is denied basic rights tochoose life. Therefore, the unborn should be given an opportunity to enjoytheir rights. Since abortion is an unethical act, the society should limit orban the practice.

According to the utilitarian theory of ethics, an act can bedefined as right or wrong based on the expected results. However, the practicecan be justified on the medical basis when the life of the mother is in dangerdue to pregnancy-related issues. The theory further argues a person should takeonly actions that will cause great good to others.  In this case, the consequence of abortion isthe death of the unborn child. Therefore, the practice of abortion cause harmto others. Conclusion Fromthe above discussion, I can conclude that the practice of abortion denies theunborn a right choose life. Also, the act causes harm to the unborn withoutconsidering their interests.

Mothers should be able to control pregnancy orgive away the children to people who may like to adopt them.  The act cannot be justified from moral,ethical, philosophical or religious perspective. The advanced in medicalservices provide various family planning methods that can be used instead ofabortion.

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