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The Canadian “Phoenix” system was to be an updated Payroll system that would strengthen multiple systems into one in order to pay over 150,000 Federal government employees. Unfortunately this implementation has not gone according to plan. The Canadian government could have done a more thorough job in understanding the risks by doing more due diligence, meaning if the government had taken more sensible precautions, then it would have prevented any problems from occurring (, 2015).The Australian government implemented a similar payroll system in 2010 costing the Queensland Health payroll system $1.2 billion. These results ended up causing a negative effect on thousands of health workers, ending in them being paid inaccurately  or not even receiving a pay at all. These problems ended up reflecting how Canada’s roll out of the IBM Phoenix system played out (Duggan, 2016). To exemplify this damaging fallout, a correctional worker at the Nova Institution for Women, named Wilson, who receives his pay through the Phoenix pay system blames the problematic system for the absence of his pay (Burke, 2017).During same time Australia was going through its implementation, Canada was beginning its RFP process for their own. The Canadian government said it had talked to other countries such as the United States but it’s unclear why they didn’t speak to the Australian government, as it is very similar to Canada’s system. Both governments were also using IBM to implement the similar systems (Duggan, 2016). The Australian government tried to sue IBM the company that implemented the system, which had resulted in them losing the suit because of the public servants who didn’t manage it efficiently. Canada has not taken IBM to court as they could be found partially responsible as well. The government decided to do the training through its own workers instead of IBM, which is one of the reasons for the delays (Duggan, 2016).As we have seen in the past, history has a habit of repeating itself and one should look back and learn from this. In this case, Canada did not do enough due diligence to determine the risks that could occur with this new system. Instead you have thousands of governments employees who are were involved with either complications to their pay, or an absence of them. If Canada had spoken with Australia, they could have learned and been more prepared knowing what the risks were, allowing Canada to prevent the problems that happened in Australia, and avoiding taxpayers to pay more money to fix this system than originally estimated.

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