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The young adult, romance fiction novel, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, is about a
young teenage girl, Remy Starr, who is about to move away for college. She had
a rough upbringing as a child after her mother’s five failed marriages, and the
vacancy of her father. Her father, who she has never met, wrote a famous song
the day she was born, and then left quickly after. Remy does not believe in
love after experiencing her mother’s marriages and blames her for it. Remy had
given up on the idea of love until she met a young boy, Dexter Jones, who was
determined to stay in her life and change her perspective on love.

story takes place in a small, northeastern town in the 2000s. The months in
which this story takes place are June, July, August, and November. The main character,
Remy Starr, is an eighteen-year-old girl who is going to move away to college
and is experiencing her last summer at home when she meets Dexter Jones. Dexter
is a very amiable and amusing person who dropped out of college early to pursue
his career in music. He is the lead singer of his band “Truth Squad” which he organized
with his best friends. Remy and Dexter run into each other at her stepfather’s
car dealership. Before she met Dexter, she insisted that she did not believe in
love after she experienced her mother has failed many marriages. She had found
it hard to believe in love until she met and got to know Dexter.

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author’s lesson to the reader is that no matter how many times love can fall short;
you should not give up on it. This novel teaches the readers that love is not
always ideal and it will disappoint you, but that is not a reason to give up
hope. You will always have an opportunity to find the perfect person that will
make you neglect things that were pestering you in the past for the sole reason
that you love them and are willing to change your perspective. It is about moving
on from the things that have distressed you in the past.

thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt that it was relatable to many people that
have struggled with hard relationships and complicated family situations. The
author writes as if she was a teenage girl at the time, which makes the novel
so captivating and easy to understand. However, I felt that I had a difficult
time liking Remy. She always seemed like the more troubled character throughout
the novel and although she was trying to change herself and go down a different
path in her life, it did not make her character any more enjoyable.
Nevertheless, I appreciated the fact that her character was able to turn around
from such a harsh past and turn it into something much more positive for her
future. Overall, I would give this novel a four-star rating. The reading was
quite difficult at times, but it made the novel more enjoyable. The book was
not confusing and was written very simply, which made the text even easier to
discern. Nonetheless, the characters often would not express their feelings, and
this made the novel quite frustrating. Moreover, the novel was sufficiently written
and I was extremely pleased with how the story ended.

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