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ever-increasing applications of computers in technological development have
brought about remarkable societal change. Coming from a background of
Mathematics and Computer Science, I have developed a fascination to probe into
the arena of Computer and Information Science in general and Biomedical Informatics
and Data Analytics which possess a challenging task due to the present surge in
raw data, aggregate information, and evolving knowledge arising even from the
study of the genome and its manifestation. This enlightened my interest to take
Computer and Information Science as my major in graduate studies. As the adage
goes, “The only thing permanent in life is change”. The adage flawlessly holds
true in the Computer Science world where novel ideas are not a novelty. It is
this curiosity that entices me to this field and gives me a profound sense of
professional pride

endless love for Biomedical Informatics began when an MIT graduate student gave
a presentation on ontology in an internship workshop in 2015. I subsequently
interned in the Bioinformatics Department at University of Arkansas for Medical
Science where I created a web-based search tool to allow ontologists to search
for class names, labels, definitions, and comments in an accelerated and
streamlined manner. Additionally, the web tool served the purpose of displaying
the annotation values of existing term search results on a single web page. The
web tool helped ontology developers better make comparisons of these terms for
reuse in Natural Product-Drug Interaction terminology. As bioinformatics entails
database creation and improvement, computational and statistical approaches and
algorithms to solve problems springing from biological data management and
analysis, my research goal is to develop and employ
data analytics and knowledge discovery mechanisms to analyze and integrate enormous
and convoluted  data arising in
healthcare, environmental and social findings.

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addition to my summer internship, I hold tutoring positions in Central High
School, Philander Smith College, and STEPP-UP which are all based in Little
Rock, Arkansas. My specialty is College Algebra, Calculus 1 and 2,
Microcomputer Applications and Probability and Statistics. Teachers continually learn and advance
each day. They adopt innovative approaches, ideas, and skills. A teacher’s work
has an objective, and gets the opportunity to impact the students’ lives and
contribute to making their future bright and productive. This is what spurs
me on to move into academia to become a professor, and therefore pursuing
a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science will not only supplement the
knowledge that I have but also provide a stable stage for my future career

appetite for knowledge emerged from the moment I was trained to
scribble English alphabets on the sands of the grounds of my kindergarten
school in Ghana. This momentum spurred me to work diligently to this part of my
career, and this will perpetually continue to stir me in accomplishing more
significant goals. I am fully mindful of the fact that I have miles to go in
this long-distance race for acquiring higher knowledge. In May, I will graduate
with my head held high knowing that I will be the first to secure a college
degree in my low-income household family. I affirm that “Accomplishments lie in
reach of those who reach beyond themselves.” I am confident and excited in
making my humble contribution in Biomedical Informatics and Data Analytics in
the years to come. The sky is the limit.





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