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The Art of War plays a
significant role to today’s society. It is a substance of life or death. A road
either to safety or to devastation. Currently, many people think that there is
this factor because of President Donald Trump’s conflict concepts. There are
major factors that he has implicated in his presidency thus far. We live in
times of baffling violence. The whole world must call the moral bravery and
technical means to not have nuclear violence. Using weapons for mass
destruction is something that we as society see as helping us is doing damage
to someplace else. Humans are vulnerable and with the nuclear age it seems as
if there are no more boundaries when it comes to peacemaking. Sun Tzu’s “Art of
War” is believed to have an influence on President Trump’s war strategies and it
has shown that history can repeat itself, in different forms. Sun Tzu’s book is
very throughout and gives advice where something can be taken out of text which
is where Trump focuses on just protecting what benefits the United States. On
top of peace, things like human decency, persuasion abilities and respect. But
the one thing that probably had the most effect is being compassionate.  Both the President and Tzu have understandable
points when it comes to war and how it should be handled. But Trump take’s most
of Sun Tzu’s views and takes them to another level.

            Having respect and getting people to focus on what the
message society wants you to understand can be hard.  The strongest and most effective leaders only
care about the business, but the people in it and the people impacted by it.
Tzu’s states that “You may advance and be irresistible, if you make for the
enemy’s weak points; you may retire and be safe from pursuit if your movements
are more rapid than those of the enemy” (Tzu). Attacking the enemy by their
weak points can only make them be stronger in the end because they known they
can get away with it. Trump’s plan is to show no mercy and get rid of anything
that threatens the United States. “Mr. Trump has been properly sympathetic to
the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but the fact that there is almost
certainly a connection between a warming earth and increasingly destructive
natural events seems not to have occurred to him or his fellow deniers.”
(Board). He’s only compassionate when there is a devastating situation as was
discussed earlier. Sun Tzu talks about how timing is critical. When wanting to
be successful and wanting to defeat the enemy, the key is strategy.

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            Merriam Webster defines human decency as having the
quality to be decent and compassionate. When human decency is lacked, humanity
can go downhill. The old saying “you get more flies with honey than you do with
vinegar”. Tzu explains that “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when
you are weak” (Tzu). That the strongest more likely to persevere and take the
bull by the horns. While the ones that seem less advanced or less robust can
learn from there mistakes and come out on top. Trump’s ideas have a different
meaning, “This is a president who has never shown much fidelity to facts,
unless they are his own alternative ones. Yet if there is any unifying theme
beyond that to the administration’s war on science, apart from its devotion to
big industry” (Board). Doing anything to advance and better the country’s
strategies is making the others become more advanced as well.  He goes on to say that Trump continues to invest
a lot of time on global warming other than more oppressing factors. “It is
amazing but true, given the present circumstances, that the Trump budget would
eliminate $250 million for NOAA’s coastal research programs that prepare
communities for rising seas and worsening storms” (Board). Tzu has more
understandable key points when it comes to persuasion of society.

            After reading “Trump’s Art of War on Science” and comparing
it to Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, understanding that compassion, human decency,
world peace, and respect these are all very important aspects when it comes to
the Art of War. The fact and the matter are that war is not beautiful like art
is, it comes with sacrifice, pain and sadness with the occasion of
victory.  This list shows that the
current president and she presidents to follow have a lot to learn and need to
become a master of war. 

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