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The movie that your grandma, grandpa and all of your friends probably watched. The “IT” movie is a new not so family-friendly, horror/thriller. It takes place in a small town called Derry, where there is a sinister evil that lurks in the towns sewer lines. “IT” is actually a sequel to Stephen Kings same named movie/book/novel “IT”. Both of the movies have the same theme, a demonic evil that shape shifts into various objects that people fear of lurks in the sewers and kidnaps and kills children. In the original “IT” movie the main actor (“Pennywise”) was Tim Curry, and the “new” Pennywise was played by Bill Skarsgard. Some people prefer one above the other but it the end it doesn’t really matter.

            Let´s get to the story, the movie takes place in a small town called Derry. At the begging of the film we are introduced to Bill, a teen who has problems with pronouncing words, at the moment he was making a paper boat. His brother, Georgie, wants to go outside and play in the rain with the paper boat. Georgie goes outside, puts the paper boat in a water current and follows the boat where ever it goes. Eventually the boat falls into a storm drain. Pennywise jumps out of the storm drain greeting Georgie and asking him a few questions. Pennywise pulls out the paper boat and says to Georgie “Take it”, Georgie hesitates, but shortly after he is reaching to get the boat. Here we are greeted with the brutal scene of Georgie´s death, Pennywise grabs Georgie´s hand, while his mouth opens up and shows many layers of sharp teeth that bite Georgie and rip his hand of. Georgie starts screaming while Pennywise pulls him into the drain.

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            A few months later Georgie´s  family is still heartbroken with Georgie´s death and cant seem to get over it. Afterwards we are introduced to many characters which have their own stories and most importantly their own fears. Firstly we are introduced to Beverly, a wild, mature and rebellious girl. After her we are introduced to the new kid Ben who is bullied because of his overweightness, Richie, Eddy and Stan who all are bullied for being “weird”, Mike, a teen who is bullied for being from African-American descent. The town bully is Henry Bowers who attacks everyone because he has “daddy issues”. Eventually the main characters (Bev, Ben, Richie, Bill, Eddy, Stan and Mike) form a club, named “The Losers Club”. Bill has become quite concerned with what is happening in Derry. There are more and more children starting to go missing. He starts making a model od the sewers and putting a little puppet as Georgie. He tries to identify where Georgie might have gone. His father bursts into the room and yells at Bill to get over Georgie´s death and move on. Bill and his friends starts searching in the sewer entrance (near a river). They are greeted by Henry and his friends, they start picking on Mike, he falls down and sees a clown in the bushes with a bloody mouth and waving at him with someone else´s hand. Mike freaks out and jumps up. After a few scenes of insults, Henry and his friends start to fight with the “Losers Club”, but not with fists but with rocks. Afterwards Henry and his friends start to chase the “Losers Club” members. Everyone escapes safely. But Patrick, Henry´s friend, is rumbling in the sewers and calling the “Losers Club” to come out. He takes his “flamethrower” and starts lighting the sewers up. He comes to a dead end and turns around to see something very confusing, a red balloon floating towards him. The balloon explodes and Patrick´s dead relatives start attacking him. Patrick goes missing. Meanwhile Eddy is riding his bike near the Neibolt house (an abandoned old house). Eddy has a very caring and not so supportful mom. She makes him take medications that he may not need and she tends to overreact to everything. Eddy drops his pills and starts to pick them up while mumbling “Oh no mom is gonna kill me!”. He stands up to see a walking infestation of diseases (a homeless person) holding one of his pills and saying “Do you think that this will help me?”. Eddy screams and runs into the backyard of the Neibolt house, where he is greeted with Pennywise who is holding an absurd amount of balloons. Eddy tells the crew about his encounter. The “Losers Club” eventually wanders into the Neibolt house discovering some kind of yelling coming from above. Bill and Eddy rush upstairs to find a missing girl, afterwards they discover that she is not real and that they must get out quickly. Richie encounters Pennywise. Pennywise did not change forms because Richie is scared of clowns. Eventually they all encounter Pennywise down stairs where Bev stabs him in the eye. He goes back to his sewer. Eddy broke his arm. Eventually Henry kills his father. Bev gets rid of her father, with whom she had several uncomfortable encounters with.

            At the end the crew teams up and goes into the sewers, where Pennywise shape-shifts into Georgie. Bill is emotionally disturbed, thinking that his brother is still alive. They go down to the very center of the sewers and find a huge pile of junk in the middle and people floating around the top of the pile of junk. They face Pennywise for the last time. They are not afraid any more. They face their fears and destroy Pennywise, sending him to the deep ends of the sewers.

            The gang promises to reunite again if Pennywise comes back. Bill gets a kiss from Bev, as the next scene signals Pennywise´ return, a drop of water landing in front of the storm drain.

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