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The IoT is the network of physicalthings or objects which are embedded with network connectivity, software electronics,and sensors, this enables these things to collect data and exchange data. IoTallows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing networkinfrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration between thephysical world and computer based systems, and resulting in improvedefficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. IoT is a decentralized system ofcooperating smart objects 1.

Telecommunication ispreparing for explosive advancement in IoT. The smart devices uses networkconnectivity to communicate and exchange data. Telecommunication network with itslimited spectrum is not making it possible to handle thousands or millions ofdevices all at once to communicate and exchange data. 5G network will bedesigned to meet all the requirements such as adding more devicesexponentially, near instantaneous connection speed, communications betweenmachines to machine. The agriculture, athletics, transportation, utilities and moreindustries using smart devices and networked monitors will be transformed bythe Internet of Things (IoT).The live environmental feedback provided by themonitors help the devices to optimize their functions. 2Through thecurrent network,3 people send large amount of data, a video, and phone callin a extended stream even though it is optimized for a small set of end users.The network has to accommodate the IoT and manage decentralized, intermittenttransmission of data packets from many users and machines.

This will lead tomore interference and create latency and loss of internet connection becausethe network is overloaded with devices that are in need of connections. Devicesmay spend more time to search for a connectivity to work and wear out theirbatteries. Power consumption remains a limiting factor with smartdevices which are portable and this affects the results to be achieved with theInternet of Things (IoT).Energy efficient is requiredbecause IoT based smart devices generate a large volume of data that need beprocessed by traditional data processing algorithms and applications.

This hugedata should be stored, processed and visualized from IoT based system .Thesensor data have   highly usefulinformation and so many potential values .By 2020 around 26 and 50 billion ofdevices expected to be connected to the Internet 4.

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