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“The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” are two amazing short stories, in with each one it tells the life of an old man and his struggles with the rest of the world.”The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson” tells us about the life of an elder man, who is been mistreated by his own family. “The Tell-Tale Heart” tells us about the story of an old man and the way he killed another old man just for his fear for the other man’s eye. This two stories have a lot of differences and few similarities. Some of the similarities can be the way in which each character expresses his emotions, in the “The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson” he kept his emotions for himself, we can see this just by the way he reacts when his son complains about him. He doesn’t defends himself. We can also see how in this other case the man also suppress his emotions. But one difference this two stories have is the way each character deal with their emotion. In “The Tell-Tale Heart” the way the man deal with these emotions that he is having about this other man is in a very radical way. For him the best option to end this feeling is by killing the man. In the other story the man suppresses his emotions and he doesn’t do anything about them, he just suffer in silence, while he is being mistreated. Another case of the similarities this two stories have, is that we can see how the narrators have a very special way to tell the story. In both cases the narrator in one point tries to defend something that is really bad, and in a way tries to defend the position in this case of the old man and the parents of the boy. Another similarity between these stories is the way they end, both of them have an unexpected turn at the end. In “The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson” the way it ends it is not the way one would have expected. One should have expected that the man would defend himself or his family realizing of what they have been doing. Instead it ends up being the son the one who sees the cruel way his parents have being treating his grandfather and make his parents realize that too. An in the other story one would have expected that he wouldn’t get caught because he was very careful with everything, but at the end it took a big twist being himself who end up surrendering. In conclusion, we can see how this two stories, that doesn’t seem to have much in common, end up being in a way so similar. Not just for the way the narrator tell the story, but also in the way the old men are, and how they keep their feelings.

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