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Importance of Exercising in School

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
suggests that “Students who take part in regular activity would help with their
school work.” (CDC) Exercising in school would not only help students progress
to a healthy diet and exercise program, but it is beneficial to the mind. In
addition, it is important to have physical education as part of the educational
curriculum, as physical activity serves three purposes. The purposes are to
improve a student’s mental health and cognitive functions in curricular and
extracurricular activities, providing students with multiple ways of dealing
with stress and anxiety while studying, gives the student a way to interact
with their peers, and training students to maintain a health plan that teaches
lifelong health and wellness, especially with childhood obesity on the rise. In
adding, this information will establish on how exercising in school is

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First, physical activity is integral to
student mental health. Also, in harmony with, Educating the Student Body, their
statement confirms that physical fitness can increase the academic performance
of students.” The evidence suggests that physical activity in the
classroom can facilitate academic performance (PubMed). Frequently, students
have academic requirements that they are overwhelmed to comprehend and tested
over the information in a short period. Depending on extenuating circumstances
of the student and their academic success, the likelihood that students will be
energetic while studying is minimal. With poor diet and no exercise, students
frequently will not achieve their highest academic potential causing their
grades to suffer. Regular exercise can improve the brain’s memory, critical
thinking skills, and increases the heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the
brain, giving a way to provide a nourishing environment for the cells of the
hippocampus in the brain. Additionally, exercise causes the brain to increase
in cognitive functions. In reverence to, Advances in Nutrition, previous
studies have shown, students perform poorly due to lack of exercise, which
exhibits a slower cognitive processing speed.” A pattern
of results specifies that children with lower levels of fitness allocates fewer
attentive resources during stimulus engagement and demonstrates a slower
cognitive demanding speed.”(Chaddock-Heyman,
Laura et al.) For example, exercise requires both physical and mental
demands providing a higher impact on the brain to integrate coordination,
strategy, and rhythm. Correspondingly, different sports
such as track, basketball, or football require a hand to eye coordination,
which engages not only the central nervous system but muscles and the brain.
With experience in running basketball, I was required to recall the concepts of
plays, helping my teammates, knowing when to pass or shoot the ball,
disregarding the loud and over energetic crowd, while trying to concentrate on
my task at hand. So, essentially when it comes to partaking in an
extracurricular activity you must have a consistent fitness plan to help you
physically to remain energetic while in the game, but also taking advantage of
sustaining your concentration and not having to worry about any disturbances.

Secondly, Students
exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety. In agreement with Basch CE of the
School of Health, he offers a response on how prolonged stress and depression
can lead to health issues, such as stomach problems and heart attacks.
(Basch.2011) Exercise can help you
with sleeplessness and ease anxiety and relieve the negative effects of stress
on your body. In comparison, a study at Duke
University in 1999 demonstrated possible effects of stress and anxiety involve
participants working out while the other was prescribed a well-known
anti-depressant medication. To complete the study,
the consistency of physical activity revealed a positive outlook for
improvement than the medicated group. (AIU.2013) Now, some may say taking medication
for depression, stress, and anxiety could benefit students’ needs for improving
their mood. In contrast, when showing progress with
having regular active routine could influence the students body to respond
positively faster when reducing stress and anxiety. I
agree regular activity will help encourage the student to respond quicker
because, it will give the student an outlook on how their life could progress
from exercising on an everyday basis. When it’s
pertaining to having anxiety, The National Institutes of Mental Health provides
evidence expressing the common occurrence of anxiety disorders in students who
do not participate in a regular activity. Unfortunately,
it can make stressing their top priority. But, exercising from students looking
to maintain a positive attitude to succeed would become an advantage.

Thirdly, Students who
exercise will establish a better interaction with their pupils to help build up
their social skills and self-esteem. Furthermore, physical activities that pertain to team building
will help with a student’s individuality, boosts confidence, and improve social

A student’s individuality gives them a role in
expressing themselves to their pupils. In the essence of Bailey, “School-based physical activity
including physical education and sports, is designed to increase regular activity
while also improving motor skills and development, self-efficacy, and engaging
children socially” (Bailey R. J Sch Health.2006). It shows when engaging in physical activity with their
teammates, it can lead to students becoming more confident socially. Also, regarding
Dishman RK, a kinesiology professor at the University of Georgia explains,
“A well-designed physical education curriculum supplies students with
social and emotional benefits.” (Am J Prey Med.2005) To further specify why
it is important for students to become more involved with physical activity because,
students in the 21st century desire motivation and to feel more
comfortable with themselves and others.

Finally, having a
consistent health plan for students to build mentally and physically in life. So, it becomes a part of the life when students are
complacent with being out of shape. Moreover, they
have the tendency to come up with numerous excuses to why they cannot
participate in fitness at all. On the contrary,
students with medical infirmities are not to engage in any extreme activities
which are completely understandable. Nonetheless,
Harvard Medical School quotes, “Almost anyone can safely take up walking a
light moderate exercise with no troublesome symptoms”. (Godman.2016) Being
a child with asthma held me back from partaking in any physically activity out
of fear, and trying to concentrate on my studies wasn’t helping either. But,
even though I had a medical condition I gained enough confidence to achieve my fitness
and academic goals. Now, of course, when advising with
your doctor about the consequences, he or she is responsible to suggest various
ways for exercising without having a disadvantage. In addition, schools
will gain positive recognition from students who are fully energized and
prepared to learn.

In conclusion,
students who remain consistent with physical activity would obtain an advantage
for a lifelong journey. Sometimes, students may lack mentally when it comes to
overcoming stress and anxiety. Now, I understand
that students who try to multitask with academics and physical activity can
become strenuous, however participation in an active lifestyle will improve
their memory, stress, and cognitive functions with their academic performance. Students
will grow stronger socially, physically, and mentally when exercise is
implemented into their life. Also, it creates a
healthier body and mind, allowing the student to grow as a strong individual. Most important if students would take charge in fitness
with exercising at least thirty minutes a day, drink plenty of water with
proper diet, and a significant amount of sleep they will exceed indubitably in
school and life.


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