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“The Eyes of the sun” Hi I am the Sun, I am always really lonely. I had no parents, I was formed by the plasma left by other stars. I think a lot about the star before me, he had to pass away for me to shine. He may of been lonely too. From my size I predict he was really small too. Comparing me to my brother the VY Canis Majoris, 9.3 billion times bigger than me,  makes me feel as small as a particle of sand. But I still shine, bright enough and strong enough to sustain life. The inhabitants are too small for me to see but I know someone is there because they are tiny missile/rockets launched into space. If it is just a conspiracy of mine, I do not know. I do doubt that there is life there sometimes, the planet seems like it was ruined just a few years ago. There was magma all over the surface of the earth and it was too hot to sustain anything. But it has changed so much in the last years. There has been this blue surface around most of the planet. I really hope there is life on it. Hopefully someday we will be able to communicate with these tiny inhabitants. It is a bit lonely up here, no one to talk to, I just watch and watch never really know what’s going to happen next. It is hard on me, being able to live for so long and see all the destruction. But there is always since of peace at the end, the destroyed planets eventually clash into others to make a new planet, maybe one with life in a few million years. I wonder sometimes if I could be called the all seeing eye. I seen so much, well I have to I see in all directions at some point of time and I have lived for millions years. I have seen all of my planets change. I actually saw when the planets flew into each other, debris flew everywhere I couldn’t see for a while. I have a really neat life to live. I am floating and I have a great mass. I have so much mass that I can keep Pluto, a small asteroid in my orbit. Pluto is so small I can barely even see him. Pluto is around 2.7 billion miles away from me. He is the farthest away from me, he is super small. Pluto is only considered an asteroid because he does not have the official mass to be a planet. I think Pluto is as mighty as any of the other planets because I know how he feels.    But all my planets come in different shapes and sizes. The planets in our solar system are like a zoo, each species are different sizes, color, and they need their own regions(distance from the sun).  Some are made completely out of gasses. Some are made out of rock and stone. Some are look like giants compared to others. Some look smaller than an atom.One of my biggest hope is to find a friend. But that is impossible, it is also super dangerous.That is like  to close and we might pull each other into new orbits, another thing is that he or she could possibly pull plants out of my orbit. That would be the worst scenario, then asteroids would take their place and I would be officalty trapped forever. But I sometimes see other stars, they also live near me. We live in the town called the milky way. I wonder who created that name, I personally think it is redictulas. It is a weird name, milky way, I wonder if it has a scientific background. It probably has something to do with milk, I have never seen or heard what milk is(keep in mind it is the sun he doesn’t know what things we have on earth).There is one planet that is weird, I call it jupiter, he has one eye. His eye is red and it is on his lower half of his body It never blinks, it just looks off. I have had to have a staring contest with it many times, it always wins. I wonder if it is even an eye, it never moves, it never blinks. The piculular thing is it is as red as a rose. Also it doesn’t have a mouth, ears, anything else, just one eye. I guess I am not too lonely, I still have my planets to talk to even if they cant talk back yet. Also I get to see my planets grow and hopefully one can sustain life. I’ll prove to all my brothers that I may be small but I am mighty. I will try to say high to the next star I see.

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