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The story “A good man is hard to find”, wrote by
Flannery O’Connor shows the wrong moral codes that reflect the truth of the
society. Two characters in specific show this: the unnamed grandmother and the
Misfit. However, the right moral codes are shown at the very last moment of the
grandma’s life.

There are social and religious convictions presented
in the grandmother’s conduct. She, being an old woman and a mother, wants her
son to go to Tennessee. She’s got relatives to see in Tennessee and she wants
her son to go with her. She even tried to point out the danger of traveling to
Florida. This is a clear example that the grandmother was a manipulator.
Another example is this quote, “She was seizing every chance to try to change
Bailey’s mind”.  She wanted everything to
go her way. She was smart, she was cautious when she was trying to get
everything in her way. For example, she tried to scare her son with the
criminal report, and the guilt made him taking his children there: “Just
you read it. I wouldn’t take my children in any direction with a criminal like
that loose in it. I couldn’t answer to my conscience if I did.” She also
said that Florida is a place where the children have already visited. She was
just thinking about “the children”. (She was only thinking about herself).  The grandmother did the same during story’s
progress. For example, she kept and hid the cat after Bailey said he didn’t
want it to be in the house, she wanted to see the old plantation so she used
the kids to convince Bailey, “There was a secret panel in this
house,” she said craftily, not telling the truth but wishing that she
were, “and the story went that all the family silver was hidden in it when
Sherman came through but it was never found…”

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Also, according to some details in the story, the
grandmother thought she was morally superior to others, and that was why she
used to judge others freely.  For
example, she criticized why the kid’s mother did not let them travel and she
judged the lack of goodness in those nowadays. According to the grandma, being
a lady is the most important characteristic that someone should have. That’s
why she was very careful choosing her outfit, to be a “lady”. She never judged
herself, her selfishness, her dishonesty, or her hypocrisy. For example, when
she made a mistake about the house location, and she lied instead of accepting
she was wrong. Another example of this is when the Misfit killed the family,
she did not ask him to forgive her family, and instead, she asked him to
forgive her because she was a lady. So, it is in that moment when she realized
that she has been wrong; when she faced the death. She realized that she was
not perfect, that she was flawed like everyone else. This was shown when she
said that the Misfit is “one of her own children.” This is a crucial moment
that can be analyzed as her realization moment. She said that in order to show
that he was not perfect, and neither she was. Saying that he was one of her own
children, she showed the relation she had with the Misfit: They were not
perfect, they were not right. After that realization, she immediately died.

For all these reasons, the story implies that the
grandmother is manipulator, selfish, dishonest, and hypocrite; and she did not
mind to use people to get what she wanted. However, as the story progresses,
there is a meaningful transformation in the unnamed grandmother. She used to
concern about being looked as a respectable lady than actually be one. This was
shown several times during the plot: when she wanted to go to Tennessee instead
of Florida, when she attempted to save her life, etc. Before her death, she
recognized how wrong she was leading her life. Like her final act, she tried to
touch her killer; although she failed, the Misfit mentioned that she would have
been a good woman.

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