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The main entrance
is from Stratford underground station walking through the Westfield Stratford
City shopping mall, coming to Westfield Ave. London Stadium is surrounded by
River Lea and City Mill rivers, creating isolated park area specially for
Stadium activities. ArcelorMittal Orbit and London Aquatics Centre divided by
the same rivers. Following by River Lea, facing Hackney Wick side, there are
Copper Box Arena and Watlends Walk lakes. At the end of the park is educational
area: Here East and Loughborough University London, Lee Valley Velo Park.
Around Olympic park there are many cafes with fresh handmade food, such as Italian
cafe Signorelli (popular for fresh bakery and coffee).


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The landscape concept for the South Park is based on a tree-lined promenade
extending from the ArcelorMittal Orbit along the length of the peninsula,
linking a series of outdoor rooms and spaces, which provide diverse settings
for a range of programmed events, performances, fairs, and functions. Benches,
kiosks, pavilions, overlooks, and sheltered spaces will allow markets,
festivals, food and beverage concessions, and public art to thrive. A series of
lawns and gardens oriented to the west and south will accommodate passive use and
enjoyment by visitors and keep the park safe and active even when there is no
event on.

A team led by James Corner Field Operations designed the winning proposal
for the South Park international design competition. The proposal includes a
landscape masterplan for the South Park and a 1,200-square meter visitor center
and hub designed by Make Architects. The design responds to the Legacy
Corporation’s plans to activate the southern park with a range of events
supporting the expected high visitor turnover, the diverse attractions in the
area and events in adjacent venues.

South Park & Hub:

At the same time, the
river valley and open spaces within the Park provide the setting for active
sports venues, international attractions, and new residential neighborhoods and
will be used intensively in the tradition of London’s great urban parks.” -,
Inclusive Design Standards, London Legacy Development Corporation, March 2013,
20 p.

India Dock Basin on the
Thames. In this role, the Park must complement and ? t within the vision and
emerging plans for the Lower Lea Valley as a whole. It must strive to overcome
physical barriers and establish continuous connections that allow regional
users to experience the Park as part of a larger system.


”Queen Elizabeth Olympic
Park is an important connective open space in the Lower Lea Valley, which
extends from Hackney Marshes in the north, to the East

Lee Valley providing the hidden green space, the best
place for relaxation and walking. Olympic Park is also providing park tours. Timber Lodge and
Tumbling Bay Playground: it is providing tall treehouses, sand pits, rock
pools, wobbly bridges, slides and swings. The playground is located near the
Timber Lodge community centre and café. The Lea
Valley provides a unique and memorable setting to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Extending for 26 miles, the 10,000-acre Lee Valley Regional Park follows the
course of the River Lea from Ware in Hertfordshire through Essex and northeast
London to the River Thames.


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park have 5 main venues: The Stadium, Copper Box,
Lee Valley Velo Park, Aquatics Centre, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. In addition to the venues, the design and management of the open space and
waterways surrounding the venues will be an equally important component of the
wider sporting offer. Emphasizing cultural, education, sports and leisure uses,
an active and vibrant public realm will also contribute to preserving the
Olympic and Paralympic heritage, promoting healthy, active and sustainable
living for all.




The design started from path and waterways, proposed by
the Timber Lodge and café. After that, in 2014 March, Aquatics Centre, designed
by Zaha Hadid, which is open for public use: swimming, diving sessions. In same
year Velo Park opened, containing tracks, BMX and mountain biking. At the end
children’s play areas, public artworks and walking trials. Are also built. In
May 2014, the tennis courts and hockey pitches were also opened – The Lee
Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.

Support for social enterprises, new clusters of businesses and skills
training will contribute to London’s competitive advantage and support the
regeneration in east London and the wider goal of convergence. Queen Elizabeth
Olympic Park will full its potential as a major investment location and a key
economic asset in London.

The Park will provide high quality facilities and infrastructure for the
new and emerging sectors of London’s economy including research, innovation,
education, digital media and technology, and creative industries.

In toilets the
installation of a shower hose, bidet and given into consideration orientation
of toilets – if possible to ensure the toilet pan doesn’t align with Meca. The overall concept was to design a place, where everyone
can safely gather and enjoy facilities, regardless old age, gender, race,
faith, sexual orientation or disability. It was maintained by sets out the
Legacy Corporation.

Attention given on circulation and movement in and around the park,
specially the access to waterways and public areas. Special attention given to
elderly and disabled people, particularly people with mobility or visual
impairments. Designers team believes, appropriate lighting could be critical to
the success of the Olympic Park and to maintain safe neighborhoods. Lighting also has
security implications where CCTV cameras are used. Natural Light Bright
sunlight can make it harder for people to detect and avoid potential hazards,
especially those with poor contrast with their backgrounds, for example,
structural glass. Reflections can cause visual confusion and reflected glare
can dazzle a person.  Artificial light
should be used as to maintain the specific circulation in route, as venues,
entrance, exit points and place where people could be gathering.  People from diverse cultures and faiths (black,
Asian and other ethnic groups) come in and socialise which makes London a
metropolitan City.




The success of the Park as a new piece of east
London will depend on how well it integrates with its neighbors and on its
ability to stitch together previously disconnected and isolated places. The new
street network within the Park will rely on the thoughtful design of several
streets, bridges, footpaths, and cycleways across the physical barriers around
the site. In addition to physical connections, socio-economic initiatives will
be critical to this process of integration.

London, Legacy
Development Corporation, March 2013, page 4,12.

”The future Queen
Elizabeth Olympic Park and the surrounding neighborhoods are a key asset for
London and the Park is already famous around the world for its accessibility,
inclusivity and spirit of achievement. What more compelling a case could be
found to continue as a beacon of accessibility, creating a place that everyone
can enjoy with choice, dignity and independence throughout their lives.” –
Boris Johnson Mayor of London

”What better way to
carry forward this momentum than to seize the opportunity once again to set
high standards of inclusive design for the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Under the careful watch of the London Legacy Development Corporation, the Queen
Elizabeth Olympic Park will become a new part of this great city with five new neighborhoods
creating around 6,800 new homes; a great location for business creating up to
8000 new jobs; 3 new schools; 29 new playgrounds; health, retail and community
spaces surrounded by beautiful Parkland and world class legacy venues.” –
Boris Johnson Mayor of London






All design process was focused on social aspect
of people life. The huge different from usual process of designing park,
Olympic Park had positive attitude towards disabled people that was inspired by the Paralympians and their achievements was even further
enhanced by the exceptionally high numbers of disabled workers and volunteers
taking part. Not only did London 2012 change perceptions of what disabled
people can achieve, it also set a new standard in the design of sporting venues
and used the Games as a springboard for transforming the UK’s capital to be
more accessible and inclusive.

First intention of constructing the park was to
serve as the home stadium for the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. It was
designed specially with field and tracks for opening and closing ceremonies, in
the design process it became multi-purpose urban park. Nowadays
the main Olympic Park design are to improve social life within architecture and
local communities. Designers tried by proposed design to promote the Park and
show its unique identity, to develop the East London area, encourage people in
education and skills around the park, leading to advance arts and culture in
community and engage local communities in and around the park.  Overall, designers’ ambitions were to develop
park into the place, where local communities actively interact with each other.
The park continuously has many of the social events such as charity events and concerts.
Nearby the park also has Westfield shopping center, Stratford shopping center
and theme parks.

Olympic Park project contains huge amount of
money since the day of opening. During 2013-2016 period an investment of £274
million and current amount of invested money reached approximately £619


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London is a sporting complex which was
built due to Olympic Games in 2012. It was designed by the EDAW Consortium,
working with Arup and WS Atkins, including EDAW, Buro Happold, Allies and
Morrison. The landscape was designed by LDA Design in conjunction with
Hargreaves Associates. Immense attention given to the lighting scheme, it was
designed by Sutton Vane Associates. Olympic Park is famous for fabulous and
outstanding architecture building, with well created landscape view, giving
urbanistic, modern, yet natural view of harmony in the city. Park located in
East London, situated in Stratford, but covering Bow, Leyton and Hackey Wick
(origins were greenfield and brownfield). LDA design were focusing on creating
the spacious green space (102 hectares) with trees landscape. Their strategy
consists three step schemes: firstly, to remove temporary venues and
infrastructures; secondly, to connect existing communities around the park;
thirdly, to complete the park in preparation for the future legacy development.

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