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The following careers I am interested in are: mathematician, statistician, actuary, forensic scientist, and a librarian.

All of these careers are really interesting to me. I consider myself pretty decent at math and I enjoy helping others learn about what they are learning and how they can improve their skills. This is where being a mathematician comes into play, I can further my skills while also helping others. A statistician is similar to a mathematician, they both analyze data and use mathematical/statistical skills to help solve problems dealing with the real world. A mathematician can make up to $105,810 a year, depending on your degree. A statistician can make up to $80,500 a year, but it also is depending on your degree.

Both of these careers need a masters degree in mathematical/statistics, but some positions can be offered to you if you have a bachelor’s degree. An actuary is also another career that deals with math. Their job is to analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty by using mathematics, statistics, and financial theory. They find the risks of potential events dealing with businesses and with clients, by developing policies that minimize the cost of those certain risks.

Actuaries have to deal with a lot of numbers and I believe that dealing with numbers is one of my stronger areas, now I may be wrong but I never know unless I try. Actuaries are usually paid in the $100,600 range with a bachelor’s degree. All three of these jobs are in the M of the STEM majors/careers. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Since a mathematician, statistician, and an actuary both deal with math it is obviously in the math section of STEM, meaning these options are great for someone who is interested in the math aspect of the world. I am also interested in Forensic Science which deals with scientists helping criminal investigators by collecting evidence and then analyzing them. A forensic scientist is also in the STEM major/career area.

To be a forensic scientist you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in natural science, like biology or chemistry, or in forensic science. You need on the job training is required and could help with better pay. You get paid an average of $56,750 a year with the bachelor’s degree, pay can change if you have a masters but it is not needed.Teaching is another major that I am interested in being in. I think I would enjoy teaching kids and helping them make their skills improve. I want to maybe teach reading or math. If I want to teach elementary children I can be paid an average of $55,800 per year, with only a bachelor’s degree. This career is in the Education & Training major.

Another job that is in the education major that might interest me, maybe as a side job, would be a librarian. I enjoy reading and I would like to encourage other kids to start loving to read. To be hired as a librarian you actually need a master’s degree in library science and are required to have a teaching certificate or a degree in another field. Your average pay is $57,680 a year for a librarian. While getting these degrees I plan to go to MCC and stay at home with my parents.

I won’t have to pay any apartment bills, electricity bills, water bills, phone bills, or any of the above. If I am accepted to Baylor then I will live at home since I live close to the Baylor campus, and the same situation will be as if I was living at MCC. I would try to get a job during college so I can pay for gas for my car and other personal things, like food and clothes. I do not know where I would work, hopefully at a job that shows interest to me that offers internships. I would plan on saving money in case I wanted to go on vacation with friends and family. The main way I will get through college is with scholarships, that will hopefully not leave me in a lot of debt. From planning this I have learned that I have many options and I have time to decide what career I want.

I need to make sure whatever I pick is something I would love to do every day, all day long. I learned that some careers require a master’s degree, meaning I need to have the mindset of working really really hard to achieve what I want, but some other jobs only require a bachelor’s degree. Advantages of all of these jobs are that I would enjoy all of them. They are all jobs that would help me inspire other people and improve my personal skills, and they are jobs that would strengthen my current strengths. Some disadvantages are that these jobs will require a lot of hard work and dedication, and I need to make sure I know exactly what I want to accomplish so I don’t waste time, energy, and money.

 In 3-5 years after graduating, I will hopefully have a job in the career I majored in. I also hope to be married to someone who has also finished their schooling and has had a steady job for a long time, and we will have a house bought/being paid for. I can’t really give numbers on a houses payments, electricity bills, water bills, or phone bills because house payments are all different depending on the type of house we have and what size. It also depends on how much money both of us make and what type of house we can afford. 

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