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The article simply explains how many Americans  are not as healthy as they should be because they do not care for their bodies the way they should. They mention how some do not eat or drink healthy. Also, how they do not work or even go see a doctor regularly. They believed that it is like this because the world is shaped this way. Meaning that it is like this because of money, power and other resources. Healthy People 2020 is intended to make social and physical situations that help make sure all Americans have the same chance to make decisions that will allow them to have a great wellbeing. The relationship between how population groups encounter the effect of  “place” on wellbeing is just as important as both social and physical outcome. The five areas that play a big part in the problem are economic stability, education, social and community context, health and health care and neighborhood and built environment. Economic stability is an issue because some people are in poverty which means that they do not have the money to afford a lot of these things they need to help take care of themselves for example, a stable house and food. Not having a great education can lead to not going to college and not having a good job in the long run which  leads back to being poor. Taking care of your body means visiting a doctor regularly. Which you can not do when you do not have access to healthcare. Seeing a doctor often allows you to know what is going on with you health and how to take care of the things you need to. Social and community context deals with knowing what’s going on in the community and knowing your rights as a citizen. Sometimes not knowing your rights may lead you to incarceration because of things that may take place. When you have a bunch of crime and violence going on where you live it is not healthy for your wellbeing. You never know what may happen to you and your putting yourself in the predicament for something to happen to you. This is way neighborhood and built environment is a big issue when it comes to health. When things get crazy in your community and police decide they want to act crazy if you do not know your right as i was saying before this will allow them to be able to do anything they want. In conclusion all of these key areas play a big part in your health because being healthy has to do with your mental, physical, social and emotional health. All these things need to be taking care of properly to help Americans maintain a healthy lifestyle.   

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