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The WCAG has 3 levels and these are
as follows: A, AA and AAA. Within each level there are a list of priority
points for accessibility. A website must be able to satisfy Level A, failure in
doing so would mean certain users will not be able to access the website. One
thing businesses should consider is the legal factor that disabled users need
to be able to access and navigate the website. Therefore, this means that
whilst a company/business is doing any research for their website, they should
always include people with disability.

There are certain things that should
be included in a website to allow accessibility and one of them is video
captions. Video is a thing we watch but this doesn’t mean that it is only about
pictures. Sound is required, without audio a user would need to guess what the
video is about, therefore this could lead to the user not knowing what is going
on in the video. This scenario is for people who are deaf. To overcome this,
captions would make a video accessible. Another good thing about video captions
is that this would be very suitable for people who may be watching the video in
a loud or quiet environment.

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Another thing that a website should
contain is colours with good contrast. When designing a website careful
consideration must be taken as a poor design would lead to confusion,
frustration. This is because choosing colours with poor contrast makes
navigating, reading and interacting a website very difficult. Therefore, a good
design should have sufficient contrast between foreground and background
colours. However, this shouldn’t just be with text but with links and icons too,
because if it is important to see the icon it should be clear for the user.
This would really help people with low contrast sensitivity, this occurs
usually as people grow old. This would allow accessibility in different lighting

Voice recognition is another thing
a website should contain. The advances of technology have made voice recognition
a possibility for humans to carryout tasks such as looking at emails. There are
many people with physical disabilities that rely on voice recognition to use
the computer. Therefore, websites need to be properly coded to allow such users
accessibility. Another good thing about voice recognition is that it could
reduce Repetitive Stress Injury for users by not having to use the mouse and
keypad all the time.

Text to speech, this feature would greatly
help blind people, people with dyslexia or people who have difficulty reading
text because they rely on technology. Websites need to be coded properly to
allow this to happen and this would also benefit search engines to index
website contents better.

Clear layout and design is
essential as poor layout could be very frustrating for the user. A good layout
would lead to a better user experience. Some things in the design could be good
sized headings, navigation bars and consistent styling. A complex layout of a
website could also lead to frustration or even impossible for people with visual
difficulties. This would also be difficult for people with cognitive and learning
disabilities as they need clarity and consistency of the presentation.

Notification and feedback.

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