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The idea of research and development
laboratory of natural and organic skin care products (R&D laboratory) is a
great idea for a fast-growing business start up. In the present decade, we have
seen a huge growing interest in natural and organic beauty products. It is
unsurprising that natural and organic skin care products industries are rising
due to a current global health and environmental awareness spotting and beyond.
The demand of these products is also increasing which can be seen from the
various items that have been launched into the market. Therefore, this firm’s
survival and ability to make a profit depends upon developing new products.


Consumers believe that toxic-free chemicals are safer for the skin and better for the environment. For instance, super food skin care, probiotic-based skin care and allergy-free ingredients are an alternative. This shift is worthwhile to invest for researching, formulating and developing various product formulations in this market which lead to the company success. The value of natural and organic skin care products seems to be higher than the existing chemical items. The satisfaction of the target customers is not about the price because they are willing to purchase for a valuable cosmetic which has high quality ingredients and fascinated formulation. This can be an opportunity of growing in business sales and it will make numerous profits.

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Main customer targets of this
business are any individual business person or natural and organic beauty
companies which taken a responsibility for brand marketing by their own. The
company will not sell the products directly to the market without permission in
the contract. This company service in the following areas:

Being an expert for natural and organic skin care formulations

Researching for natural and organic ingredients and sourcing proper raw

Research and development of formulation and finished products.

Provide and prepare document for product registration which will be
complied with any countries regulations based on customer requirement to ensure
that their products are organically certified.

Offer an in-house laboratory service including analytical laboratory
from in-process and finished products quality control.

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