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first job in science I will be talking about is chemical engineering. To become
a chemical engineer, you will have to get a bachelors degree in chemicals
engineering. The main task chemical engineers do is develop and design chemical manufacturing processes. They also work
to improve food processing techniques, and methods of producing fertilizers, to
increase the quantity and quality of available food. Chemical engineers also
develop solutions to environmental problems, such as pollution control. The
typical work environment for a chemical engineer is generally in offices or a laboratory
setting, although sometimes they must work in an industrial setting to oversee production. They may
spend time at industrial plants, refineries, and other locations, where they
monitor or direct operations or solve on site problems. Chemical engineers
usually work eight hours shifts, five days a week. The salary range for
chemical engineers is from around 49,000 to 111,000 dollars. There are several
potential dangers when working as a chemical engineering. Some of the big
hazards are things like a risk of explosion from an uncontrolled
chemical reactions or overpressure in processing installations, and
encountering chemicals that may cause severe allergic reactions. Some work
places will expose you to elevated levels of noise or hot temperatures from
melting and burning processes. The workplace hazards can be prevented if some
extra safety steps are taken. Stress can become an issue with a worker if they
receive more work than can do comfortably. Someone interested in becoming a
chemical engineer should take science classes about physics, chemistry and
biology. They should also take math classes to get a better understanding of
calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and geometry. To take responsibility of your
chemical engineering work in Canada, you will need to acquire an engineering license.
The main way people learn to perform this career is by learning from
experienced co-workers.

The Second career in science I will be
talking about is an astronomer. Most astronomy jobs require a Ph.D. in the
field of astronomy, which usually take five to seven years to complete. These
programs are likely to include courses in astrophysics, stellar and planetary
physics, galaxies, cosmology, interstellar medium, and optics. The main work astronomers conduct involves applying the principles of
physics and mathematics to learn more about the universe. They gather data on
the characteristics of planets, moons, stars and other objects using telescopes
and computer programs. Astronomers usually specialize in certain types of celestial
bodies or events, such as black holes. Typical duties include developing and
testing scientific theories, analyzing data and writing research proposals.
They also spend time composing scientific papers and presenting their findings
to others in the field. Astronomers have multiple work environments, one
of which is observatories. In the observatory, astronomers use a variety of
instruments to gather data from our universe. Astronomers analyze the data they
have collected in laboratories where they use advanced computer technology to
analyze the data. The hours astronomers work can be long and irregular,
including weekend and evening hours. They typically work more than 40 hours per
week. The average yearly salary for astronomers is $98,769. There aren’t really
any workplace hazards, since astronomers work in sheltered work places. There
is a lot of stress though. Most astronomers have a lot of work on their plates,
and most end up working longer shifts to finish it all. Someone interested in
becoming an astronomer should take a class in physics and earth and space
science. Also, computer and information science and chemistry. Something you
can do to help you in a career in astronomy is to follow the news about
developments in astronomy, as it will be useful to keep up on the important
news about the field you are going into. 
There aren’t any licenses required to be an astronomer, but if you get a
job with the federal government; you might need to obtain a proper security

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