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The article
“Technology is Changing our Relationship with Nature,” written by Adrienne
Matei, shadows Psychology Professor at the University of Washington Peter Kahn’s
position on the fact that mankind’s relationship with nature has become more “fragile
than many of us realize.” Kahn’s research focuses on the interaction between the
modern phenomena: the destruction of nature, and the growth of technology, by observing
human’s relationship with real nature and “technological nature.”

            Despite all of the possible benefits
that technological nature brings to modern society, such as trigger our innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of
life which have been found to reduce violence, lower anxiety,
and improve happiness; “real nature is necessary for our physical and psychological
well-being.” Humans will always attempt
to recreate nature in its rarest form through technology but it has its limits
as Kahn explains.

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            “The concern is that in the process
of pursuing more realistic technological nature,
we are becoming increasingly alienated from
the real thing, growing to accept the digital substitute for engagement with
the wild, and comprising our fundamental affiliation for the environment in the
process.”  Additionally, “the increasing prevalence
of technological nature humans will be unable to invent an alternative to
fostering meaningful connections with our environment.”

            The importance of interacting with
real nature will allow humans to foster a greater appreciation for our
environment rather than substitute it with an authentic illusion. As humans, we
need to recognize that we do not have dominion over nature; we do not control
the rising sun or the freedom of wild animals so it is vital that we live in
relation with other people and the natural world. If this ideal is taught and
instilled into our children at a young age then they might begin to understand
the consequences we subject to our natural world and alter the way we behave,
design, and interact with nature in the future.

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