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The foothill yellow-legged frog species also known as Rana boylii (scientific name), was found abundant in southern parts of California.  This species suddenly became extinct in the early 1970’s.  Many thought, the causes of the dramatic disappearance of the yellow-legged frog was because of habitat loss or radiation.  However, according to the article, one of the possible reasons behind this extinction could have been caused by a disease called Chytridiomycosis.According to the study, this disease could have caused guaranteed mortality in mass amphibian population such as the yellow-legged frog as well as many other frog species in the world.Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) is a fungal pathogen and amphibians infected with this pathogen could develop Chytridiomycosis and die. Scientist and professor Andrea Adams collected different extinct frog specimen from museums and also specimen similar to the yellow-legged frog species.  She tested the samples to see if they contained Bd DNA to confirm if the fungal pathogen could be the reason of extinction in this particular species.   She concluded that even though the pathogen arrived before the decline of the yellow-legged frog, the fungus spread immensely while there was a drastic drop in the population of the species.Opinion Paragraph:This article is related to our pathogen unit. A couple factors that led to the extinction of the foothill yellow-legged species could have been loss of habitat, predators, human impact or even famine. But this article strongly supports that Chytridiomycosis could be the reason behind the extinction. Though there is a cure to kill the pathogen known as the Itraconazole bath, it may not be effective enough to eradicate the fungus in mass population of amphibians. For example, to eradicate Bd, what if we add Itraconazole solution into their habitat such as rocky streams and ponds.  Executing this idea may work, but it might be a long way before it can be implemented as it might end up hazardous to other ecosystems. It could also contaminate our drinking water supplies. In conclusion, the extinction of any amphibian species could disrupt the food chain which could end up affecting other species that need these amphibians to survive. Therefore, this study is a good starting point for numerous trials that could potentially help with a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

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