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The hypothesis for this study indicated that the situation with music during study will have the better performance. This showed that the participants with music during study will score higher result compared to non-music situation. This proved that the participant’s concentration in experiment group with music during memorizing were highly supported by a music. The hypothesis was based on previous research by Calvert and Tart (1993) who stated that music is an act of learning and recalling information. It was also based on research by Wallace (1994), who stated the actual melody of the music assist participants in learning and retrieving of the words more than the rhythm of the music. This proved that music were able to push and pull the participants concentration levels on memorizing as describe in Mozart effect that claim music is able to retrieve information from memory. (Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky, 1993).        Based on the previous research, Kilgour et al. (2000) had found the results that proved music creates a tempo, rhythm and repetition in a way that can improve retention and absorption ability. Whereas, his results were highly consistent with our findings and was reported that music is a worthwhile retention to use for recalling verbal information. It showed that background music such as instrumental music has a greater effect on a concentration during memorizing compared to non-music. Perhaps, it was because the instrument background music that the participants heard became a form of relaxation toward a stable mental state which help in memorizing.          According to the researcher’s opinions, about the effect of music toward mood, the author stated that music is able to lead participants to a stable mental state (Sloboda, 90). One of the opinion was that music can evoke perception of mental state which able to boost concentration, mood and confidence in memorizing (Juslin, 622). It had found that, a stable mental state was a fastest and easier stage to use when doing cognitive tasks. Whereas, our hypothesis were somehow related and supported by their opinions, about music is able to boost concentration levels. In contrast with this study, groups with music strategy performed better than those silence strategy during memorization tasks. 

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