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  The world currently stands at the edge of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that will position the digital technologies at the central point of our everyday lives.  it is of uttermost significance for a nation to stay relevant in the upcoming period of the digital world. To meet these requirements, the Information and Communication Technologies are being enhanced and upgraded by the  development authorities of Pakistan as one of their nation’s top agenda. This progressive approach is being followed by the Pakistan Telecommunication authorities by providing telecom and internet access to the people of Pakistan across the urban and rural divisions, through international fiber optic cables, backhaul networks, and other extensive wireless solutions such as 3G, 4G LTE. Today, greater than 87% of the population of Pakistan lies under the cellular mobile signal, out of which 70% have been covered by 3G services while the remaining 30% are able to access the 4G LTE services.  The broadband and internet  services are now being made available and spreading to every nook and corner of every of the country’s city, town and village, pushing the demand forward for more national and international connectivity. Therefore, the internet bandwidth in the international domain is also increasing regularly. Consequently, the digital economy is also making a strong foothold in order with the National Financial Inclusion Strategy. It is believed that promoting digital entrepreneurship in the youth of the country can convert the pool of millions into self built office holders as one of the greatest opportunities for the youth lies in the internationally trending e-commerce sector. Pakistan’s e-commerce sector is being expected to grow up to $1 billion by the year 2020. On the other hand, private sector is also focused on taking early advantage of the immense possibilities in the solutions based on internet.At the Government Leadership Award 2017 (GSMA) in Barcelona, which is the biggest telecommunication gathering at the Mobile World Congress, Pakistan’s role for  the expansion of telecom services and bridging the digital divide were recognized and appreciated. Pakistan is beginning to see a concentrated boost in the internet access and use beyond its major urban areas. But the growing trend of internet usage still does not gather enough strength to put Pakistan in the top 20 countries with the highest number of internet users as per the survey of Internet World Stats. Regardless of the current numbers, Pakistan is being ranked as one of the top countries that have registered a very high growth rate in broadband and mobile internet penetration according to Point Topic, a global broadband tracker. Pakistan is no less than any other nation. At least, not when it comes to internet usage. The number of internet users whether via the local networks, broadband services or over a mobile phone, is drastically booming.   The internet is becoming a widespread feature of economies and societies around the world. These technologies along with their associated applications are getting increasingly critical for the social and economic development.  

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