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The vast growth and development in the technology, has made a revolution in the business world as conducting businesses have become efficient and effective, convenient not only to the consumers but as well to the owners as well. Moreover, technology made the entire world as a global village. Hence due to the technology development, social media impacted on the businesses day to day business transactions. Social media has taken a significant place in the world, where now days, it is being identified that it is the most effective digital marketing tool. Social media enables firms to engage consumers in a timely and direct manner at relatively low cost and higher levels of efficiency than with more traditional communication tools. This makes social media not only appropriate for large organizations, but for small and medium size companies as well (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010).Earlier, Small businesses mostly relied upon the traditional marketing methods and most commonly based on the word of mouth marketing, which consumed time in targeting the audience. With the globalisation, Small business owners tend to rely on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. As the business operations are less, business owners can use only few of the platforms which best suits with their target market. The owners must consider on following factors when choosing the platforms among many of the platforms available;Nature of the businessTarget market Target market means, the specific set of people to whom the product is being offered by the business. Depending on it, the business owner need to decide the social media platform that should be utilized. For example, Business make customised birthday cakes, therefore Facebook, Instagram will be an effective platform for the business to do the digital marketing, as youngsters spend their time and utilize Facebook and Instagram.Objective of the business in related with the social media marketing.Objective of every business is to mainly increase the sales of the business and to earn a higher revenue. Through the utilization of social media platforms, sales and revenue of the business will tend to increase, since the platforms will build and enhance relationships and networks with the customers and will give an opportunity to retain the customers with the business.Product of the business.Based on the product which is being offered by the business, it can decide the utilization of the social media. For instant, if it’s a business which offers consultancy services to the customers, it is more appropriate for the business to do the marketing via the LinkedIn platform, Twitter, or Facebook. Instagram and Snapchat are not appropriate at all, as in this two-social media software need to post quality pictures and videos, whereas, detail content are not being shared in these software.Available resources of the businessIn comparative to the large-scale businesses, small scale businesses do not have resources such as Financial resources, human resources and etc. If the small-scale business owner has sufficient financial resources, at that instance, business can utilize other social media platforms that take money for the advertising and at the same time, these social media will give a better service.For an example, In Facebook as well, business owners can sponsor their advertisements.If a business man conducts its activities based on a budget, it is more appropriate the owner to utilize the largest marketing platform, Facebook and Instagram.Strategies used by the competitors.To provide a better customer service and to acquire new customers and to retain the existing customers, business owners need to compete successfully with their competitors in the market. Social media platforms have been discussed as follow;FacebookFacebook is the most widely used and the largest social media channel by billions of people around the world. The platform allows the business to maintain a Facebook page where the customers to drop a message or to have an online chat, view the images of the products and reviews given by the other customers. This platform is a greater advertising tool, at an event where the target audience of the business is, youth and senior citizens. InstagramInstagram is a famous photo sharing platform. This gives the opportunity to the users, to apply different filters to their photos. Most of the uses of this software tends to be the youth. To compete successfully, the business needs to post quality content of pictures and videos. Further, this will allow the customers, to drop a message as well, but unlike in Facebook, online chatting features are not available.SnapchatSnapchat is not much widely used as it was introduced some what recently, in compared to Facebook and Instagram. Quality of the content is less important, but the business should be able to provide a daily story of photos and videos, but although the content, will not be available for a lengthy period, once it get expired you need to post another story once again. It is significant to note that, it’s a rare situation for a small business to use snap chat due to the content issue.TwitterTwitter will be a greater platform among the youth, as this provides the features with communicating with people but with limited word that would provide the effective idea to the reader along with a hashtag. It is essential to pose with, effective communication skills. Further, this is greater platform to provide effective customer service, as the business will get an opportunity to identify the unsatisfied customers, as they share their thoughts in this platform.LinkedInLinkedIn is a social media platform which is unique in comparison to the other software, as this gives the opportunity to connect with professionals in the world and in the platform, all the subject matters will be shared, which gives less priority for images. Further this is a best place to build business relationship and to find employees as well and to make a brand image on the business. Comparison of these platforms can be a difficult thing as all are performing great help to business but some carry prominent features such as the Giant of modern social media helps business to grow not only in one field but multiple fields through different channels it carries. Business can make their Page to promote, update, Launch new products, marketing and discounted sales digital coupons. Digital marketplace to buy and sell things booming e commerce.  As a side to it another great platform is instagram which don’t have some features like marketplace of facebook. Marketing can be called as backbone of business structure as it helps most in generating leads + sales and gathering crowd and instagram is famous and very effective for it as well.  Another great place to grow business can be snapchat its features are some different from others as in it business can make short stories of products and can market them. Customers like short and quick things as time has a great importance  for everyone.  Twitter is another platform that has some differences and here business have to choose words very effective and meaningful as there is a word count and specific number of words are given. Special feature of #hashtag can be very useful as it helps in making post viral and making it a trend will help marketing. If we discuss Linkedin it consists of totally different features. Linkedin helps in making the core team and staff of business strong. skillful people uses this to score good jobs by uploading their resumes and business can hire what expertise the require. By comparison of all these we came to a conclusion that facebook is the most intelligent, vast and a fast way of communication, delivering message and helps alot in marketing. It is full of features a business can take advantage from. Pages helps not only gathering customers but it helps in marketing sales and sometimes finding a right person for job. All other social media platforms have features but facebook contains all of them and some extra as Marketplace where you can sell things digitally through virtual shop. Customers can give rating and feedbacks to business which can help them more in perfecting there job.  “Time is changing so should humans if you don’t change with time you will be left behind.”Business who are using social media to enhance their capabilities are doing  great for survival. Nobody cares where we are and we did not change with time so we lost Nokia CEO cried by saying these words.  

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