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“The whole theory in this Universe is directed unerringly towards one single individual-namely to you" – WALT WHITMANHence it is up to us to perceive our own universe, with us at the center of it. I havealways envisioned myself leading a highly satisfying and rewarding life. I hope my visioncomes true.Everybody pursues a dream. Every human soul with a purpose, with an endeavor tocontribute to the world around him, should find the necessary platform to let his wishesblossom and spread the fragrance. I don’t think that there is a better field than InternetInformation System that can do the boosting. Internet Information System nowadaysbridges the gap between what should have been a dream and what reality is. It is myhonest attempt to be a part of this great pillar supporting a galaxy of development.What we marveled at a few years ago is a routine today and what we aspire to now willseem ordinary tomorrow and the future will be what we can hardly imagine. Tocontribute to this cataclysmic change is my dream and what I will continuously pursue.EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUNDMy schooling has boosted my confidence, polished my writing habits, and enhanced mycommunication skills. My optimistic and dynamic attitude towards a task to beperformed is noteworthy. It was during that period that I learned the basic principle inlife that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. I am reminded of one particular day when I washanded over the responsibility of school pupil leader (SPL). The prestigious post was nodoubt handed over to me like a piece of cake because of punctuality, sincerity and of myprofound leadership qualities.Today’s Technological and professional arena rely on extensive manpower and superiorhuman resources to design, manage and evaluate self-systems based on new andemerging concepts. This was the reason why I chose to enter a bachelor program inEngineering at Jawaharlal Nehru technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad. Herestudents come from all over the country and various parts of world for pursuing highereducation. This allowed me to interact with people of various cultures. By living away inthis way, I was exposed to different kinds of pros and cons that came in way, workingtowards higher education and this has build in me strong feelings that I can even getthe best out of the wonderful and well known educational systems in U.S.A.These courses are versatile in their subject matter and instruction, which developed inme an appreciation for sportive ideas and amalgamation of their basic principles.Through continuous practice I have developed a perspective and confident approachtowards problem solving.Having practical exposure in the course as a part-time working experience in a privatefirm, which has helped to gain an insight in the practical problems in programmingprofession. This has resulted in me a firm understanding and enhanced my ability toapply theoretical skills to programming. Apart from this, I have sound experience inHardware part of the computer also.My Objective in applying for MSI have chosen U.S.A as my destination for my post graduate studies due to its wellknown education system with diverse techniques and methods, of teaching and training.My knowledge in the courses offered at undergraduate level provides a strong base forthe curriculum, and I believe I can achieve an outstanding performance. To be evenmore successful in my pursuits, I realize that I must continuously upgrade myknowledge by active participation in the teaching process. All I need now is a capablevessel with an enterprising crew, which is exactly US education.Looking forward for your valued choice.

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