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The population in the 1900s of the US were not as huge as they are now in the 2000s. The population was 76,212,168 people now the population in the 2000 are 282.2 million know thatis the united states of america.

Now the population in texas in the 1900 is 3,055,000 peoplenow in the 2000 the population is 20.94 million now that is a lot less growth then the USpopulation. Now the population of the world is 1.

6 billion now that is way more the just thepopulation of the US and texas but that is the whole world now the population of 2000 is ahuge jump from the 1900s the population is 6,145,006,989 now the world population in the2000 was 6.2 billion now that is not that much of a jump but still a large number. Now theincreased population effected agriculture because there is a lot more people then there werehundreds of years ago and that means that there will be more mouthes to feed like I said thenthere were hundreds of years ago now that also means that the more people that there are onthe earth then the less space there is to farm and breed and butcher cattle and animals andbecause of the less space there is the less food the farmers can make or grow and with thatbeing said there would be more places then there are now that would need food to eat andanother thing that we would need more of would be water now water is one of the mostimportant thing that you need for agriculture and with all of the people that are coming into theearth we would need a lot more water then we use today around the world and that is anotherproblem that we would run into not having enough water for the lets go back to the crops and not having enough and touch up on that subject more. Nowthe experts of agriculture have said that we will get to 9.7 billion in the year 2050 and they alsosaid that if we the birth rate keep on going at speed it is rising we would need to grow morethen the amount we had grown in 60 years now that would be a lot of food to grow and i meana lot of food and that would be impossible to grow with the amount of space we would havewith all of the people that would be on the planet earth that would just be impossible to do and people would have to find another way to eat and just think about the wild life and the cattledon’t even get me started on the cattle people would be stealing food and water and thatWould be a disaster people would be killing for food the stuff that we had to not worry about40 to 50 years ago. Now with all of those people not all of them would be into farming and thatwould not be good for agriculture and then we would nit have enough food yet again andpeople would be starving and going crazy for food and the whole world would be in mayhemAnd all of the mayhem comes explosions and with the explosions comes air pollution and withall of the people will come a lot of air pollution and that is not good for agriculture and farmingthat might be worse then all of the space that is being used that we do not have for growingcrops and for the cattle and the cattle eat a lot of the crops that we grow and that would beanother set back that we have to stop from happening.

Half of the crops that we would growwould go straight to the cattle and the rest would go to the people and then all of the time thatit takes to grow the crops most of the people that are all ready starving would most likely die ofstarvation and then all of the dead bodies would cost money to take to another place and dosomething to it and then there would not be people to help farm. Now the way that it wouldeffect farming would people would have more things to worry about then to go and water thereplants and make sure the sun would hit the plants they would have to go out and look for foodAnd they would not be able to grow there plants cause yet again they need water and theywould use that for them selfs or there family and not there plants

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