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The first and the third generationsportrayed several human rights that were violated in this incident, racialdiscrimination by the kalenjins and luos towards the kikuyus. The act ofgenocide due to mass killings that was experienced in parts of the Rift Valleyand through this they were denied the right to life. Torture of the kikuyus asthey were being killed by machetes, those that were burnt up in church andthose that were being forcefully driven out of their lands in the coast regionsand making them to end up as refugees in other countries like Uganda andTanzania.

Right to a healthy environment where the kikuyus were not at peace becausetheir properties were taken from them and they lived in fear of being killedand chased in some places when they were refugees. INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS TREATIESRegional level In the African system the AfricanUnion operates in it mandated to help the issues that rise in the region. It isan inter-governmental system mandated to protect the human rights in Africa. Inthis case the AU played a significant role basically in managing the electoralconflict by introducing it amendments to the responsibility to protect. Kenyais a member of the African Union charter on Human Peoples Right, and that’s whyit intervene for the negotiations of the war and providing a platform to whichKenya could come to terms with it.The International level United Nations is the oneresponsible to intervene in matters affecting security operations globally andin this Kenya being a signatory to the UN Treaty, it portrayed its help intrying to promote peace and security in the country.

The UN Charter or theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights are suited for this job in this globalregion. The treaty mostly at large influenced in this is the treaty ofInternational Convention of Civil Political Rights where the UN had to protectthe political and civil rights of the individuals by peace keeping missions andnegotiations because the war experienced in Kenya was not like the one inRwanda for them to use military intervention. ISSUES OF IMPLEMENTATIONThe issues that draw to theintervention and implementation of these treaties were that the two candidatesthat were involved were not coming into terms. When the AU chairperson JohnKufuor came to Kenya he had to listen to the issues they had, the presidentelect at that time Mwai Kibaki was insisting that he wanted the opposition tocalm his people and help promote peace around the country and that he shouldtell his people that they accept him as the president and their life goes onand he could give him a position if he allowed his terms, on the other hand theopposition was against that and he claimed that he was not the president and hecould not allow his presidency and he added that he should resign and peopleelect their leader again and he was not ready for any negotiations with him ifhe did not leave the seat.

The opposition insisted that theelections were rigged and that they had won and the president elect insistedthat he had won too and that why he was sworn in, since the opposition was notconvinced and they were angry about this they continued protesting and causingthe massing killings, looting and land grabbing nationwide. The other partyinsisted that it won and they wanted their recognition and peace to prevail andthe government to continue and if the protesters could not oblige to that theywould be persecuted.OUTCOMEThe AU used a third party way ofintervention in that the they used the form of good offices in which they triedto stabilize the conflict from escalating, facilitating and moving towardsnegotiations that could promote peace. The AU mission by President Kufuor wasbased on how they could promote peace, security and national stability throughnegotiations between Kibaki and Odinga to come to an agreement so as they couldwork together as a government.

In the long run he concluded that the two hadagreed that they could come to terms and end the violence and that they shouldinclude the opposition party ODM in the government with an equal size of thecabinet ministries. President Kufuor then announcedthat the mediation could later been carried out by the secretary general of theUN Kofi Annan in which Kufuor being brought by the AU he was to act a waythrough of providing a table for negotiations between the two parties that anagreement can come up and the two Parties come to a concluded negotiation andhe showed that this was possible because his mission was a success.Mr.

Annan proved the value of anagreement when he succeeded in preventing an escalation, he came to an negotiationground with the two parties and made a coalition government with themwhere  Mr. Odinga had to be given theprime minister seat and that this government had to be shared so as peace couldbe concluded. He showed that jointly undertaking procedures by the UN andregional organizations can be successful and without this the parties could nothave agreed to come to the table and come up with an agreement. R2p beinginvoked it also shows that the international community cared and that therights of the people were being taken into action. 

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