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The reasons that Don Fabrizio does not accept Chevalley’s proposalis because he feels he is inexperienced, old, and lacks illusion. He mentionshe is an inexperienced legislator, lacking facultyof self-deception. He says he is no fit to guide others. “I cannot lift afinger in politics. It would get bitten off.”The effect that Sicily beinginvaded by foreigners have on Sicilians is that the Prince mentions they are”worn out and exhausted” after 25 centuries.The idea of Sicilians being sleepwalkers, tired, and dominated by a sense ofoblivion can be seen when the statues juxtapose the women and men sitting onthe chairs at the church upon their arrival with the women and men not movingas if they are statues and their skin complexion looks almost grey. Also, whenthe Prince says to Chevalley to sleep a long sleep because “that is whatSicilians want” and “they will always hate whoever tries to wake them.

” ThePrince also mentions they have a desire for Oblivion because they never want toimprove and they are too vain to do so.The landscape is represented by harsh climate (thunder, rain, extreme wind,barren land.) With an overall tension in the atmosphere. The violence of thelandscape reflected in Italian culture is seen with how Italians are always portrayedas stressed out. The ties that are apparent betweensensuality and death is when Prince says, “our sensuality is our desire foroblivion.” The attraction the viewer can clearly see the Prince has forAngelica. When he first sees her when he invites the Mayor over for dinner.

Especially at the ballroom scene, right after the Prince is staring at apicture of a person dying on a bed, whenAngelica asks the Prince to dance the waltz with her. The body language that isseen between the Prince and Angelica create sexual tension between bothcharacters. He goes from questioning his death and saying he is not afraid ofdeath to dancing with Angelica making him feel young.A desire for death is present onthe island because nothing ever goes their way,since they are constantly being invaded they have feelings of hopelessness.Sicilians want to throw themselves into a past precisely because it is deadsince they probably just want the new age to come and are exhausted of beinginvaded by foreigners all the time that they just want things to happen and nothave to go through it. They feel they would rather be dead than see the newchanges.

I think the Prince is withoutillusions due to a midlife crisis. He lacks motivation, is stubborn and is fullof melancholy since he can see the changes and the old age dying.            The new government needsnew blood to give things a new start in politics because Tancredi showsprogression because he takes new opportunities to advance the new “Kingdom”,Italy, forward and himself. New blood means new ideas and more illusions.


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