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The water cycle The water cycle, also known as the “hydrologic cycle”, It describes the continuous movement of water throughout earth’s surface, atmosphere and underground. Earth’s water is constantly moving from one place to another through few steps. The five main processes are evaporation, condensation, precipitation, run off and infiltration. The water cycle has been working for billions of years and all life on Earth depends on this life providing cycle.The process starts when “the motor in the water cycle” or as it known by the sun, heats up the water in a surface water which can be a river, an ocean or the surface of leaf cells. Eventually, the water rises up into the atmosphere and turns into a gas called vapor. After a few days, and when the air cools down, the water vapors losses energy until it become particles of liquid water. As a result, These particles of water form clouds in the sky.After that, air currents causes the clouds to move around the globe, and cloud particles collide, grow, get heavy and water falls back into the earth as precipitation in the form of rain, snow, sleet or hail.However, some precipitation falls as snow and can accumulate as glaciers, which can store frozen water for thousands of years. On the other hand, Snowpacks in warmer climates often thaw and melt when spring arrives, and the melted water flows overland as snowmelt and goes into small steams, tributaries that feed into large rivers. Meanwhile, precipitation that falls directly on the oceans becomes part of a surface ocean and can be churned by wave and wind action into ocean currents. Eventually, a portion of the precipitation that reaches the Earths surface seeps into the ground and become a part of the *ground water| that plants and animals use to drink, Or it may run over the soil and join the small steams or tributaries so that the cycle starts all over again.The water cycle is essential for living organisms that are depending on water to survive. Knowing these processes is the reason that the scientist knew about how the elements work and take adventage from it to promote industrial products and bla bla bla..

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