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The article “Raccoons pass famous intelligence test – by upending it” by Liz Langley is about how raccoons are almost as intuitive and intelligent as humans.

 A group of raccoons were put to the Aesop’s Fables test.  The test is based off of a fable where a thirsty crow can’t get a drink out of a pitcher because the water levels were too low.  She dropped stones in the water to get the water closer, and eventually got her drink.  The test for the raccoons was similar.  They were given a cylindrical tube with a marshmallow in the bottom, and then they were given several stones.  Two raccoons got the idea, but one had a different approach.

 She climbed on top of the tube and rocked it back and forth until the treat spilled out.  Though she did not pass the test in the way it was meant for her to, she invented a way to get around it, which is kind of like passing anyway.  Another study was enacted on the same group of raccoons.  They were given balls that would sink or float.  The idea was to get the raccoons to reject using the floating balls and use the sinking balls to displace the water.

 Instead, they used the floating balls to splash marshmallows onto the sides of the tube and within arms reach.  This once again goes to show that raccoons are more innovative than one might think.  The only other animals that have passed this test are corvids (crows) and great apes. I chose this article because I believe that all animals are smarter than they look.  A lot of animals have continuously shown this and it has been ignored.  This article relates to science because it shows that humans aren’t the only intelligent animal on Earth.

 A zoologist could use this information in their daily life to compare raccoons in captivity to raccoons in the wild.  It is important that people are reporting this because it is important that we stay informed on these types of topics.

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