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The article that I have chosen, titled as “Code Switching in Radio Broadcasting
in an EFL Context” were written by Alvi Chairiah, Yuliana Natsir, and Yunisrina
Qismullah Yusuf, and published on February 2016. The study was conducted by the
researchers in order to analyze the phenomenon of code-switching in a radio
broadcasting. They conducts the study from the radio broadcasting that is used
by the announcers at Three FM Radio, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This research
article considered as an original research since it is the primary source in
investigating the use of code-switching in the radio broadcasting setting. The
study has been conducted by collecting the data from the recordings of the
Three FM Radio and presented with descriptive qualitative method. Not only
that, the researchers also mentioned that they analyzed the data and classified
them into different types of functions of code-switching that was proposed by
the previous researchers which are by Appel and Muysken (1987).

            In the
introductory part, the authors stated that this research is used the theory by
Appel and Muysken (1987) regarding the functions model of code-switching. Besides,
the researchers also mentioned about the expected results of the study that could
be add more knowledge and better understanding to the readers who interested
with the phenomenon of code-switching that occurred in most sociolinguistic
context. The authors also cited a few researchers from their previous studies regarding
the same field of code-switching in a radio broadcasting. They cited from Wai
(2013), who studied the code-switching and code-mixing in the broadcast of
Commercial Radio Hong Kong. Another researcher that they cited is from
Purnamasari (2012), who studied about the code mixing that used by radio
broadcasters at Ardan Radio in Bandung, Indonesia. The authors also concluded
that the studies that they conducted shows that the announcers do the
code-switching in their conversation during broadcasting basically is due to
some reason. Those reason actually represents their creativity in using the

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            Furthermore, the
studies is consists of two announcers of Three FM Radio in Banda Acheh with the
duration of three hours of broadcasting. The data was recorded by using a USB
that is connected directly into LG MDD64 Audio Player as their recording
device. They also mentioned that the duration of three hours that they managed
to record just contains the conversation from the announcers. They managed to
exclude all the advertising and news sections during the on air. Meanwhile, the
data has been classified into six functions model of code-switching that they
adapted from Appel and Muysken (1987). Those functions that they used are
referential function, poetic function, directive function, expressive function,
metalinguistic function, and lastly phatic function. Not only that, the authors
also stated about the percentage calculation of the occurrences the function of
the code-switching.

            Overall, the
result shows that the highest function that managed the authors recorded was
metalinguistic function and the lowest one is poetic function. In the
discussion part, the authors able to provide the example of the recording that
they have recorded from the two announcers of Three FM Radio. The authors
presented the data according each of the function that they adapted from Appel
and Muysken (1987). They also explained with possible reason why the announcers
used those kind of function of code-switching in their conversations.

            The authors also
deduced that the choice of words, clarity and the expression in a radio
broadcasting are crucial especially in an EFL context. This is because,
according to Wai (2013), he said that without the aid of visual image, these
utterances are the only one that become as the source for the audience’s

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