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The Project Life CycleThisprocess provides basic help while doing any task. It gives us all info , whichis required to perform a big task , so we should be well aware of itsfunctionality, working , all sub tasks in that big task , which we want to do.

So , in this way , in that task’s goal achieving , project management plays animportant role.Phases In aproject there is precise beginning and end .& among these two factors,project is divided into four subproject tasks Initiation Planning Execution TerminationLet’s havea look at them.InitiationThe reason ofthis phase is to outline the starting workout of the project.The personhas to go through all the information given to him,  in order to start the project. And then he hasto do documentation for start of project and it includes all the decisions ,and planning documents of that project. Itgenerally includes information such as mission , objectives and successcriteria.

, requirements, and risks , costs etc like factors.Main partof it is stakeholder deciding i-e understanding that which human beings may beimpacted through or can influence your undertaking is important for itsfulfillment. And it is one of important part of this phase.

PlanningThe purposeof this phase is to discuss and decide the perfect path to reach our goaland in intermediate , its most important as it is basic plan for reaching ourgoal.It has twoparts Strategic techniques. Implementations.During Strategical work wedecide techniques to be used for our goal achievement and then in Implementationwe discuss the workout plans by which we can achieve our goal.Let’sconsider making a decision to drive. if so, at some point of Implementation wewill map out our path, discover which hotels we may stay at alongside the way,decide how long every side of the ride will take, and so on (all of the info).ExecutionThe cause ofit is to perform all the workout we have decided previously in projectmanagement sections.That’s thestage where most of the time, money, and people are used to on a challenge.

This is where the main work initializes.During this, we have  to keep all the activities atour focus and mistake in only one can cause a big loss , so we have to bereally conscious and careful at this stage. While the scenario changes , wehave to focus mainly on our development and gain in project. TerminationThe reason ofthis phase is to officially terminate the project.These aremain subtasks n this section “Verify that the final criteria are met, createproject closure records , collect project artifacts , perform a project gothrough ” etc.

Manyproject managers don’t go through this section and don’t feel that it isimportant to be done . While when they reach a stage in future of doing somechanges in that project or using that project’s work in some other projects ,the they realize how much important this section is.Thissection will advantage us.

If in case we performed all required tasks in thissection, wou will set ourself up to guide high-visibility. So, inorder to reach our goal , we have to give importance and do hard wark on eachsection of project life cycle. Only then , we can achieve our goal.

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