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The Enterprising
manager is kind of personality who is extroverted, confident and quick decision
maker, who often start projects, but mostly take others to carry them. Being an
enterprising manager, who leads the ??organizational development that supports
organizations in integral management and adaptation to changes in a transformation.

 Enterprising manager must have the ability,
communication and work, supported by an information system that organizes
enterprise resources in a direct relationship with the vision of leadership and
the mission, strategy, goals and objectives that push the organization forward.
It is an individual kind of adventure is often an entrepreneurial, convincing
and manageable talented leader. They use money, power, status and control.

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I am taking the most
important principles which must be applicable in the organization from the 14 Principles of
Management by Henri


It is the core value of every organization. It is a form of good behavior and
respectful interactions to accomplish the mission and vision of an
organization. This principle of management is very essential to run the
organization in the proper manner.


As an Enterprising
manager, I will take this principle on the first place because discipline is
usually used to regulate the behavior of humans and in addition, it applies to
each branch of activity in all branches of organized activity, knowledge and
other fields of study and observation. Discipline can be a set of expectations
that are required in every organization, including self, groups or in the societies.


Authority and Responsibility: To succeed in the
organization, management has the right to give orders to employees. Of course,
responsibility comes with this authority. According to the management principle,
the attendant authority or authority gives the leadership the right to give
orders to co workers. Responsibility can be tracked from performance, and
therefore it is necessary to conclude agreements on this. In other words, power
and responsibility go together, and they are two sides of the same coin.

As an Enterprising
manager, I must have the right to give orders and get it obeyed or in other words,
this right to make decisions.  Responsibility
means a state of responsibility or responsibility for any obligations, trust,
debts or something else or in other words, means the obligation to perform a
task appointed on time and in the best possible way.

Powers and
responsibilities are closely related, and this principle states that the two
must go hand in hand. This means that the proper authority must be delegated to
carry out duties.

Remuneration: Motivation and productivity are close to each
other in terms of smooth operation of the organization. This principle of
managing the management asserts that remuneration should be sufficient to
ensure that employees are motivated and productive. There are two types of
reward: non-monetary which includes compliments or loans and monetary which
includes compensation or bonus. Ultimately, it is about rewarding the efforts

Being an
Enterprising manager, in my opinion rewards always motivate the employees. Incentives
include bonuses or non cash paid trips. It serves as a thank you gift for excellent
work. These types of compensations can also raises salary, recognition awards
and service awards.

Initiative: In this management principle workers should be
allowed permission to express new ideas. It promotes interest and involvement
and creates added value for the company. According to this principal, the
employee should be given the opportunity to undertake certain initiatives
within the framework of the functional plan and to determine the steps to be
taken at each level for the proper implementation of the plan.

an Enterprising manager, I will welcome the employees to take initiatives to
send valuable proposals before plans are created for them. When plans are
created in coordination with employees, they will feel as if it is their own
plan, and they must complete it, which will stimulate them to work in full.
This will reduce losses, absenteeism and maintain a cordial relationship
between employees and management.



Scalar chain: Hierarchy
presents itself in any given organization. This varies from senior management
to the lowest levels in the organization. “Hierarchy” is the one of the
important management principle states that there should be a clear line in the
area of authority from top to bottom and all managers at all levels. It is seen
as a form of management structure. Without any hassle, each employee can
contact a manager or a senior officer in an emergency.

According to me the organization should be
flowing through this chain to support the orders of the superiors and the clear
communication of the subordinates’ emotions. This chain should be strictly
maintained in the organization.

Conclusion: According
to me these management principles of organization management can be used as
essential tools for planning, organizing, decision making, coordination and
control the organization. 

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