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THE COLOR PURPLE       The main character Celie begins as a shy girl with no wisdom, always nice, and worried for Nettie. Celie begins to change as her own life changes and turns inside out. Celie starts off being raped by her father and talking to God about her problems. She tells God her problems in a diary where she expresses her emotions and what is going on in her life, sometimes even a cry for help. Celie began her diary by saying that her own father raped her twice and that the first child he killed while the next he sold. The interaction she makes with him and other characters such as Mr. ______ will change as she grows up and realizes reality. Years later, when she receives her first letter from sister Nettie, the entries are made up of her letters to Nettie and the letters she receives from Nettie. By the end of the novel, thirty years after her first entry, Celie has modified her address from “Dear God” to “Dear God. Dear stars, dear trees, dear sky, dear peoples. Dear Everything. Dear God.” She has learned to accept the world and her place in it and has learned about her own faith and religious beliefs–uniquely hers, they are not the images of God she was taught to accept.       Initially a very timid, vulnerable young girl, she is not only raped by her father but also, later, beaten by her husband. But Celie gains confidence and succeeds through the opportunities she takes advantage of, and she learns to love and be loved. Celie has had a tough life. From being abuse by her own father to having a kid and getting it sold. Celie has always been abuse by her step Father, calling her ugly, fat, dumb, etc. Eventually the situation gets worse yet better as she grows up. She is sold to Mr. _________ for his replacement of Shug Avery (a women that Celie is in love with) and mother of his children. Celie never really cared about the children just about Nettie and Shug Avery and wrote about them in her journal as she writes to God, the only person that can save her. Celie looks at God as a distance figure. She writes to him about all her self concerns. The times comes when Celie meets Shug Avery and her dream comes true as she hear that she will be staying with her and Mr.______ in their house for a while. When she knew this she began to think of ways that she can befriend Shug. After Shug moves into Celie and Mr. ______’s home, Celie has the opportunity to befriend the woman whom she loves and to learn, at last, how to fight back.      Celie experienced many things that have lead her to become the women she is currently. Her interactions with people grew and she became less and less scared of people as she progressed throughout her life. She gave some advice to her “son” but never actually cared for him or his wife. She had a strong connection with Nettie and Shug Avery. Times that Celie grew on interacting with people were with her “son’s” wife where he comes for advice to her and conclude in a beating, but ends up in his wife coming to Celie and asking her why she gave him the idea about beating her and explained to her the life she had to live through growing a little but there connection with her.      Shug Avery gave Celie all her power back when she said that she is “still a virgin”. She says that since Celie has never had satisfying sex then she technically still a virgin. This helps recover Celie’s voice and spirituality. Shug Avery is Celie’s hero for being such an amazing women and showing Celie different versions of God opening her eyes to different ideals of this. Later on Nettie’s long lost notes that she has been sending had finally been found by Celie with the help of Shug Avery. They have been discovered in the trunk of Mr.________. The letter are about her own history and the fate of her children. As Celie looks through the letter she developed a new feeling that she can truly call her own voice because she had been holding it in for far way too long leading her to have a hatred to Mr._______. As Celie was intellecting about going up to Mr.______ and telling him which then her voice exploded into rage at Mr.______ after years of abuse and abasement in which Mr.____ responds with his usual rude awareness yet it was too late and couldn’t deny the facts of abuse that Celie had gone through because of him. Celie finally Gavin a voice to speak up leads her to become a strong independent women that has a better life and lives with a voice forfilled with happiness now that she can finally be at peace and reunited with her family that had returned from Africa. Thought Celie has endured many years of hardship, she says, “Don’t think us feel old at all. . . . Matter of fact, I think this the youngest us ever felt.”

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