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The next person I am going to interview was a former spy of the National Intelligence Service of South Korea. He was sent by the South Korean government to commit espionage in the North Korea. His height is lower than that of a South Korean average, being five foot four in height.

His rank and name was not allowed to be known for it will result in a sabotage of his identity mission. His accent is not something you would expect from an average Korean voice. He sounds and speaks like an American that you would see in movies.                   Good morning to you, sir. Due to protocols, I cannot state my true name, but you can call me John Smith. John Smith? He chuckles. John Smith is a good name, right? It is also the most common name in America, at least during the pre war outbreak… yes, right, where was I? I was sent by the National Intelligence Service, the equivalent of your C.I.

A., to spy in North Korea. Getting through the demilitarized zone is difficult but not impossible to say the least. I wore a 70s style clothing of the Koreans while crossing the border because intelligence says that an average person in North Korea have a severely outdated clothing due to them isolating themselves.

I travelled throughout the night for three days, slowly moving in the demilitarized zone in order to avoid detection. Upon arriving in North Korea, first thing I noticed was the extremely malnourished people on the streets. They are all over the place lying around. Some even managed to smoke, and no, they were not smoking regular cigarettes. You know what they are? Sorry, no idea.

 Take a guess. Tobacco? Not even close. Weed, they were smoking weed. Weed is legal in North Korea and they have a surplus amount of it. I even saw weed plantation out in the open. Have you smoked one before? Not yet, you? I have not yet tried it for myself but I was able to smell the side smoke it releases. I went around the town and also noticed that it has plenty of buildings that are pretty much abandoned or not in use.

They are pretty much just used for show, in order to attract South Koreans to their country. We also have insiders in the country who are helping us spies gather information on the hermit crab country. One night while sleeping in the house the insiders have provided to us South Korean spies, North Korean soldiers barged in our front door. The other spies I was with started firing at them and was unfortunately slaughtered.

It was a blood bath I tell you. I jumped out the window and landed on a deep mud. I decided to stay there and stay still until the soldiers decided to finally leave. I went back to the house and saw my fallen comrades bodies. I had no time to mourn or even bury their bodies.

All I did was salvage everything that I can still use. I tried to blend in with the people around me and at night I basically just slept around the trees to hide me from frequent patrols. I did this for about a year until one day, while walking along side the road, trucks past through the road and one stopped near me. A group of soldiers went down the truck. I thought to myself that “This is it.

I am going to die.” I was surprised to find out that they asked me to come with them because their supreme leader told them to evacuate immediately. I complied as ordered, else I would be shot by the soldiers.

The trucks went to Pyongyang and in there I saw a secure place that I have never seen before in my life. Outside the entrance to the secured place, there were lines of people manually being inspected. No, they did not check for papers, rather, they had people remove their clothing and inspected one by one. You would have probably guessed that they were checking for bite marks. After passing through, the huge gates opened and allowed people through. Inside the gates are elevators, 9 to be exact. They are not your ordinary elevators though, they can hold up to 99 people per trip. Now, you might be wondering what is it with the “9’s”? Well, 9 is their lucky number so there’s that.

Upon descending there was a huge gate waiting for us. The materials that were used for the construction of the gate is not something you would expect a communist country would use. It was made with stainless steel and platinum, one of the most expensive materials in the world. It was opened for us by the soldiers guarding it. Upon entry, I saw massive fields filled with plants and food source. We were split in two groups, those who have papers and those who do not. I, of course, did not have the papers they were asking.

Those who did not have the papers were sent to labor camps and were forced to work 18 hours everyday. The living conditions for us were horrible. While in the labor camp, I met a British Journalist named Hugh Jackson. When I first saw him, he was whining like a baby. He kept telling “I shouldn’t be in here!!! I had the papers with me but you told me to drop my baggage when you told me get in the truck!!!” Of course no one listened to him because practically, no one can understand him, haha. When he finally decided to calm down, I spoke to him and told him that he should do as the authorities say if he wants to get out of here alive. After a few weeks, hell broke loose when an infected person managed to pass through the inspection area and spread the infection underground.

Hugh and I barely managed to reach the gates separating the outer cities and the middle cities. I was actually the last person to enter through the gates before it was completely shut by the soldiers. I can hear the wailing sounds of the people who were left behind.

I can hear their grinding teeth, screams, flesh being torn apart, zombie moans, and the slamming of the gates getting stronger and stronger each strike. More soldiers arrived at our location and inspected us one by one once more. Those who were unfortunate enough to have an injury were immediately executed on-sight for the belief that they might have been infected and is just hiding it from them. Hugh and I was given lands to plant and our lives went like this for a couple years until one day, a coup d’état happened.

People were already scared and civil unrest is rampant all throughout. I told Hugh that we needed to escape as soon as possible. We told other people to also come with us. One of the gates leading to the outer cities did not have any guard so we took our chance and escaped using that route.

One of the guy who went with us screwed up the escape plan when he was seen by a patrolling soldier. We quickly hid in an abandoned factory that we saw before the undead started to pile up on our previous location. The whole place was dark and we had to traverse the cities as quite as possible for three days. There were moans from time to time and gunshots as well, not from us but from the people in the inner cities.

When we reached the elevator, there was an access code needed for it to operate, the guy who almost screwed up the whole operation surprisingly knew the codes. Upon reaching the used to be inspection area on the surface, we decided to rest in there for awhile before asking for help near the demilitarized zo… There was a knock on the door and a lady entered the room. Captain. I am so sorry, give me a second alright. I mean that was all of it.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Right… I left the room and the other guy entered. I heard laughter on the other side of the door. All I can think of is that they are two soul mates reunited once again.

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