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The purpose of this essay is to use the Angry Chef as a reference to analyze the scientific method, and to compare science to pseudoscience. The Angry Chef is a book that primarily focuses on analyzing various dietary fads, but in order to prove its point, it covers the scientific method and notes various trends in pseudoscience. It then criticises the similarities these dietary fads often have with various pseudoscientific methods. Arguably, the coverage of the scientific method and pseudoscientific trends are the most important aspects of the book, although they are not always the focus.Firstly, we should cover how the Angry Chef understands scientific method. It demonstrates a good example of scientific method by explaining it through the debates around the causation of cholera, particularly between John Snow and William Farr. William Farr was a 19th-century English researcher who is considered by many as one of the leading founders of modern medical statistics. He is particularly prominent in the debates surrounding the cause of cholera, where he presented data that seemed to show that elevation was the main cause of infection, which contributed to the scientific consensus that “bad air” caused cholera (the miasma theory). It is important to note the method that he used to collect this data was by compiling a large amount of statistics surrounding the outbreaks to determine a common factor that all the statistics share (epidemiology).On the other hand, John Snow was a researcher who opposed Farr and the scientific consensus of the miasma theory and presented his own theory that reckless behaviour surrounding drinking water was likely a factor. In the end, Farr ended up accepting Snow’s theory and conducted studies of his own that supported Snow’s theory. The author uses Farr’s acceptance of Snow’s theory to demonstrate that in science, being incorrect is not a bad thing (provided that you acknowledge it as Farr did). In some ways, science is progressed further if someone ends up being wrong, because it can act as a way to rule out a possibility. The fewer possibilities there are, the easier it is to make an accurate judgement. Scientific method is not about being correct. Scientific method is about making sure you are not wrong.The next part of this essay is covering the author’s views around pseudoscience, particularly the methods that pseudoscientists often use.

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