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The title of this article is : United
Nations Command As Camouflage: On the Role of the UN in the Unending Korean War
, Hauben,Ronda
Access date is 17.01.2018 .

The background of this study is about the Korean War
which emerged between North and South parts of Korean Peninsula .The author
says yet sixty years after the agreement to end the military hostilities on
July 27,1953, there is not yet a peace treaty to end the war . Hauben in this article ,emphasizes
the importance in here thesis on the event of the 60th Anniversary of the
Armistice Agreement is proposed as a commitment to the assemblage of research
and concentrate expected to locate the hidden reason for the bottleneck
obstructing the arrangement of a peace bargain so leap forward can be made..Author
gives some historical informations to understand the background of this article
and write down this statement : Korea had been one nation for over 1000 years
but after the end of the WW2 , Korea was divided into 2 side ,North and South
.United Nations has some important roles on the issue of divided Korea .

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According to author ,the significant aspect is UN’s
support to election only for South part and this brought the solidity to North
part.And then the division of two parts was transformed to a civil war .
Another aspect is the US decision to intervene the Korean War in order to send
troops to help South Korea.Before this , UN has not any action in June 27,1950.
The author cited one paragraph from I.F.Stones book ,”The Hidden History
of the Korean War “and denoted Truman’s actions before the authorizing by
the Security Council.The Council has some sanctions on the issue and Soviet
bloc voted against this .The author asked ” What was the role of the UN in
the Korean War and What should be the role of the UN in bringing an end to the
War ?” .The main argument of the author is that the United Nations Command
is camouflage to US’ aims on the Korea and UN has no role in the decision
making processes of the “United Nations Command” .The North Korea was
against the actions of US under the title of United Nations Command.

In the second part of article ,author shared the 4
resolutions of Security Council related to Korea that were founded in July 1950
and he said that this resolutions supported to North Korea’s argument because
the absence of the term of “United Nations Command ” .The last two
resolutions brought together the Unified Command that could define the all
members providing forces and assistance to a Unified Command under the USA
according to her .The author in this case ,has criticized to US attitude and
she promoted her arguments with some evidences.That seems convincing in itself
.Especially ,in order to remark some important persons statements at the
Security Council .

In the third part of this article ,authors advocated
that the US substitutes “United Nations Command” as camouflage
because of US’s government communication to the UN.According to author ,US ,not
the United Nations that was responsible for creating the designation “UN
Command” as a replacement for the UN authorized “Unified
Command” .Methodology of this article is generally around the United
Nations Security Council Resolutions ,statements from some people and opinions
from parties of conflict .This article’s unit of analyses is generally states
and international organizations .This article actually symbolized the opposing
view to United States and United Nations policies during the Korean War and
analyzed the tendentiousness of UN’s on the issue of Korea War . Author also
asked one another question

in this article to support or strenghten her
opinions as like “Why did the US government substitute the designation “United
Nations Command “for the Security Council designation “Unified Command” after
initially referring to the designation of “Unified Command “,language which was
actually provided for in the Security Council of July 7 ? 

The author shows some examples in order to citation
from somebody else like James W. Houck ,as the Commander of US Naval Forces
Central Command in Bahrain ,and his title of 
” The Command and Control of United Nations Forces in the Era of Peace
Enforcement ” and author also uses James W Houck’s description to support her
thesis which was : “During the negotiations preceding authorization of the
unified command, Secretary General Trygve Lie had proposed a ‘committee as
coordination of assistance for Korea’ consisting of troop contributing states
and the Republic of Korea.” In this article Ronda Hauben uses some evidences to
strenghten her thesis on the issue. If I would analyze these evidences ,there
are some evaluations emerge. Firstly ,the author has a striking thesis and some
supportive findings to analyze and share the readers her thesis in this article
. Strenghts of the evidences in this article are the United Nations Security
Council’s keeping in the background and being unsucessfull on promoting its
resolutions and putting across to US. USA according to author in this article ,
uses as a camouflage the “United Nations Command ” and works to support South
Korea in the war .These are the seeable and understandable evidences i think
.Author also supports her thesis with some engagements from important person’s of
United Nations and United States in that time .Author shows the reactions to US
actions in internal affairs especially from the Congress and Constitutional
obligations. All of these are restorative evidences to authors article.
Weakness of the thesis of this article that is being one sided and almost always
analyzing the US and UN’s manner.Other actors of Korean War is little bit a
part of this study especially the China ,USSR and North Korea .

Contribution to the literature ,there are some
studies explained this issue .For example the book of William Stueck : The
Korean War An International History .According to Stueck, supporters of the
U.N. cause in Korea offered help not out of any conceptual sense of duty
regarding an all inclusive arrangement of aggregate security but since they saw
a chance to impact U.S. approach. Chinese mediation in Korea in the fall of
1950 carried with it the risk of world war, yet around then and in different
occurrences before the cease-fire in July 1953, America’s NATO partners and
Third World neutrals prevailing with regards to checking American adventurism.
While yielding the deplorable and merciless nature of the war, Stueck proposes
that it kept the event of a much more damaging clash in Europe.Another contribution
is Bryan R.Gibby’s book : The Will to Win: American Military
Advisors in Korea, 1946-1953 that concentrates on the considerable part of US
military consultants to the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) from 1946 until the
point that 1953 of every one of America’s initial endeavors at country building.

Finally Ronda Hauben’s
article entitled “United Nations Command As Camouflage: On the Role of the UN
in the Unending Korean War ” is the important study and beneficial discussion
of the Korean War issue and to understand its actor’s actions as United Nations
and United States .Especially academic students and political scientists can
benefit from this article who are working the issue of Korean War and United
Nations and United States attitudes .

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