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The training was completed within 5 days and below is the description of what happened on each day.


 Day 1- On the first day in Halle, ‘Jequiasoif’ to be precise. I was taken around by Seppe Van den Brande to familiarise with the working environment during then I was told ‘Jeffquiasoif’ is divided into several divisions like the customer service department, distribution department, administrative department and the bottling department.

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The customer service and the distribution department are in charge of marketing thus could be referred to as the marketing department. I got familiar with the company and started noting down some bars and restaurant I could propose the gin to during the 5 days. With a few hours of researchers, I noted some few places down and showed it to my mentor Mr. Seppe Van den Brande to be sure if those retailers are not already in their data.


Day 2- On the second day, we visited the company for an overview of the bottling system for which I noticed the use of Batch production process that is to say ‘Jeffquiasoif’ does not produce items individually but manufacturing is done in groups at a rate. After asking few questions I came to the conclusion that batch production has a lower capital cost and has the flexibility to produce different product variations or different products. But also I concluded that the production equipment occupies lots of space especially when there is no work to be done to make money at a given time.


 Day 3- I then asked questions to gain information and resources to carry out my project plan. Which was word of mouth promotion, distribution of flyers and giving of sample of the products to prospects in Brussel which is the main area ‘Jeffquiasoif’ wants to create brand awareness.


For this, I advised the team on how to create a design that can attract customers, where their target customers will easily be found and how to approach them. I understand that to understand where your customers and prospect buy your type of product, you need to create something to get their attention. ‘Jeffquiasoif’ already used the retail outlets method for distribution so it was no news to them so I advised we send emails to the various retailers of Gin in the country who do not know of ‘Jeffquiasoif’, have an appointment with them propose the Product to them and give them a sample to try out.


Day 4- On the fourth day, other interns together with myself did some internal marketing activities, while the Flyers were being designed, I was told jeffquiasoif had no flyers this means that most of their work was done through emails and direct contact with retailers but having flyers as part of promotion makes it easy for people to remember the products. Prospects could have something to feel, touch or post it somewhere and get back to it when they need to get back to you. This is a hyper-targeting of potential ideal clients is what often makes marketing with flyers so effective. And these flyers would be distributed to potential clients being individuals in the shopping areas or retailers in Brussels area. With the great team at JQAS by the end of the 4th day, the flyers were completed and were ready to be distributed to potential clients in the Brussels area. I came to the conclusion that the next day I will not be in the office but would rather go out there and create brand awareness.


Day 5-  On the 5th day I set out with other colleagues to Brussel to market the gin with the correct permits to be able to complete our task. I had a JQAS T-shirt on representing them which made it easy for people to identify me and came closer while I stand by JQAS stand in the Brussels Shopping area where the flyers that were designed were distributed. With the retailers, I used the door to door approach this is easier and makes your potential clients see the product you are offering without them having to leave their homes and also with no competition from similar products. This was done to help create product awareness.



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